Without Kentaro Miura, can Berserk go on?

Without Kentaro Miura, can Berserk go on? ...

Who Was Kentaro Miura?

Kentaro Muira, who was just ten years old when he wrote his first manga, Miuranger, which appeared in a school publication. Its easy to think that no one from that age would be overly dedicated to developing something, but Miura has now written 40 volumes of this manga. In interviews, he has stated that he wanted to be good at something, so he chose drawing.

Miura''s success with manga continued throughout his schooling years, with several initiatives assisting him to increase his skills and cement his desire to become a mangaka. Just a year after Miuranger, Miura had already created a second manga, and by the time he was in high school, his work was published in school booklets as well as other artistically inclined pupils.

Miura was catching the eye of the business greats at the time, even early in his career, before Berserk became the juggernaut that it is. At the time, he briefly worked under Jyoji Morikawa, the creator of Hajime No Ippo, who famously dismissed an 18-year-old Miura from his tutelage. Not because Miura was incapable, but because Morikawa felt that there was nothing he could teach him. At the time, he was also

How Did He Make Berserk Special?

Miura seemed to be a man who took writing manga more seriously than he did anything. Nevertheless, some might argue that he had a natural aptitude for the medium. However, Berserk is where many believe his greatest work came through. They always possess the ability to think outside the box when you look at some of the greatest mangaka like Ichiro Oda or Hieohiko Araki.

Oda is known for his incredible and complex world, with an almost comedic length. However, being able to match the quality with the quantity is what has kept One Piece as a household name even today. Araki meanwhile has an ability to never get too attached to the status quo in his stories, famously killing off Jojos Bizarre Adventures'' first protagonist in an unheard of move. Miura also made huge shake-ups in its narrative, while Berserk added depth to the structure.

Miuras'' work is simply stunning. He had a wonderful ability to draw up all of Berserks distorted, otherworldly abominations, and the skill to adapt them all into intricate pages that would give the best horror manga a run for their money. He might perform everything from large-scale fights to intimate character moments, and explain them in equally striking ways. You aren''t a substitute for one of the most powerful figures in a craft for nothing.

Young Animal, the company which publishes Berserk, has not officially declared that the series would have been terminated, nor have they ruled out the possibility of it continuing. In a letter to fans shortly after Miuras'' death, Young Animal stated that his priority would be placed on what Miura would have wanted if he was still with us. However, no official confirmation has been made. For the moment, however, it is difficult to imagine that the story in its truest form died with its creator.