Where Can I Find Every Map in Hollow Knight?

Where Can I Find Every Map in Hollow Knight? ...

Hollow Knight has a surprisingly large space for players to explore as players progress. They will also discover other areas of Hallownest that include increased skill levels. Along their journey, Hollow Knight players will encounter a number of NPCs whom they can interact with.

A vendor named Cornifer is one of the first friendly faces that the player may encounter following a wellfall in Dirtmouth. He is a cartographer and can be found in each main area of Hallownest where players can buy a map from him. As players get closer to him, he has a literal paper trail leading to the mapmaker.

If players find Cornifer before moving to the next area, the NPC will send players back to Dirtmouth, where they may purchase his maps, along with other markers, from Iselda. Here are some locations where players can find Cornifer in each area of Hallownest.

Ancient Basin

There are two ways to enter the Ancient Basin: either by taking the southernmost Tram between Deepnest and Kingdoms Edge, or by traveling down the Royal Waterways. In either case, players should make their way to the Tram platform.

Players will find a few paths, including a fountain that provides a Vessel Fragment after depositing 3000 Geo. Directly below the fountain, players will be drawn to the friendly humming mapmaker.

City Of Tears

The first time that players enter the City of Tears will be when they travel to the outskirts to enjoy the City Crest, which is to restore the bridge between the city and the Fungal Wastes. The short route from this entrance to Cornifers is locked, and players must travel south until they get there.

Players will be taken onto the left, and the path going south will lead them towards the Nailsmith who can upgrade the Knights nail. Before heading to the right, players can take an elevator up to find Relic Seeker Lemm, who will buy relics from the player they have collected along their journey.

Players will encounter diverse enemies as they ascend, many of whom are protecting items such as Geo and other items. Using the elevators and the Mantis Claw to travel, they will eventually discover a familiar stray sheet of paper. Cornifer is on the other hand, alongside a bench that will run the player 150 Geo to unlock.

Crystal Peak

Players will need the Lumafly Lantern to see through the dark passage and to interact with a toll machine. They will then need 50 Geo to open the path into the next area.

Players must follow the right across the conveyor belts and over the big gap once inside the Crystal Peak. Here there will be Husk Miners who throw their tools at the Knight when they approach or use their picks as a slashing weapon. Before going up this room, players must find a bench to the room on the right.

Players can climb up the vertical belt to the location where a patrolling Glimback is located. For the time being, players will encounter a Grub that is trapped behind a gate. One room contains several Crystal Crawlers that routinely shoot fatal lasers that must be avoided when their descent finishes. There is an exit to the left that players can take to find Cornifer happy humming.


The Knight may encounter Cornifer in two areas depending on what entrance he gets, but he will not be humming out of fear of losing his location to the creepy creatures inhabiting the area. It is recommended to have the Lumafly Lantern so that traveling around the darkness may be simpler.

If players come from the Queens Gardens to the north, they will need to proceed south and head left to find Cornifer near the Failed Tramway.

Fog Canyon

Although it is possible to enter the Fog Canyon earlier in the game, players will not be able to explore it until much later. There are two methods to reach Cornifer, and the player will need to have either the Shade Cloak or the Ismas Tear removed to reach him.

Players may go through the Shade Gate and find Cornifer when they arrive on the left.

Ismas Tear swims through a small pool of acid directly opposite the Leg Eaters location in the Fungal Wastes. This will take players directly into the Fog Canyon, where they may continue to the left until reaching the area where Cornifer has holed up.

Forgotten Crossroads

This will be the first time that players will meet with Cornifer and one of the easiest places to meet him.

Players will have to reach the bottom of this area by using the suspended platforms and several Gruzzers, Crawlids, and Tiktiks after entering the well from Dirtmouth. They will then cross the entire floor to the left, avoiding hazards, and entering the opening at the very bottom. Cornifer will be found in the next room to the right.

Fungal Wastes

Players may immediately make their way to the Fungal Wastes as a means to explore the City of Tears, like many areas in Hallownest.

Players must proceed through a small portion of Fog Canyon to discover the Queens Station. To the left of the station, players may continue to search the Fungal Wastes and Cornifer along the path down and to the left.

Players will then need to continue along the path south and to the left without having to tread past the projectile-spitting Sporgs, while leaving a slew of acid, following the familiar sounds of Cornifers humming as they approach him.


Players will be able to enter Greenpath after receiving the first spell from the Snail Shaman in the Ancestral Mound. The entrance to Greenpath can be found south of the Grubfathers location in the Forgotten Crossroads, along another path that crosses off to the left.

Players can defeat the Elder Baldur, who blocks the path and continues to travel back to Greenpath. The route through Greenpath is quite linear in comparison to other areas of Hallownest, and players will run into Hornet along the way, who is unfortunately not leading them to Cornifer.

Players should follow the path as far left as they can go, and start taking a shot. Cornifer is found in a small area of Greenpath, with Volatile Mosskin and Squits patrolling the space, with platforms that can be reduced to allow for improved navigation in the future.

Howling Cliffs

Players will need the Mantis Claw to reach the Howling Cliffs, which can be found by scaling back up the wall to the far left of Dirtmouth and back through the Kings Pass. Return to the first room that the Knight lands in following the opening cutscene and go left to discover a hidden passage that leads up to the Howling Cliffs. This area may be accessed through Greenpath but others will need the Mantis Claw to proceed.

Cornifer is found scribbling away in one of the paths leading to the right around halfway down the cliffs.

Kingdom''''s Edge

The most efficient way to reach Cornifer is through the City of Tears, specifically the Kings Station. Players will find a decrepit platform with a broken bench and two Vengeflies to the left. If players jump into the small pool of water and continue to the right, they will find a shortcut to a hidden area of the city.

As they dive towards the Knight and continue traveling to the right, avoid the Belfies. Players can also free a trapped Grub here along the way.

Queen''''s Gardens

Players will need to get to the Fog Canyon and continue ascending through the area with the floating Uomas and Oomas until coming to the first path that crosses to the left. There will be a large acid pit and spikes, but with Ismas Tear, they will be able to swim through the acid to reach Queens Gardens.

Continue driving left until encountering the first Mantis Petra. Above here is the way to the Stag Station, but the route is blocked until players have the ability to make a switch, thus they must continue around for now. In this next area, players will encounter other Mantis Petras in a difficult battle.

Once players have emerged victorious, continue to the right where there will be a single sheet of paper and a sign with a bench. Follow these steps to find the humming cartographer.

Royal Waterways

Players may find a locked hatch below the location of Relic Seeker Lemms. It requires a simple key to unlock the hatch, opening a path to the Royal Waterways. It is recommended that players have the Lumafly Lantern before heading to the Royal Waterways to help them navigate.

Players will have to take a left and make their way across the room with the Hwurmps after falling into the hatch. At the top left, players will spot one of Cornifers papers, leading into an area with Flukemons.

Follow the path around and continue traveling left, but players should note that there is a Mask Shard at the bottom left of the pool of the larger room. In the next room, players will be locked in and must defeat the enemies that appear to unlock the gates. To the far left, players may use the Mantis Claw to climb up and reach Cornifer, who will be sitting on the top platform in the area.

Hollow Knight is available on PC, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.