With Fortnite, Dr Disrespect gets'resurrected on Twitch.'

With Fortnite, Dr Disrespect gets'resurrected on Twitch.' ...

Since Dr Disrespect''s release, it''s likely that his infamous Twitch ban has been the most widespread. While Dr Disrespect now comfortably calls YouTube his home, it has also led to a lawsuit. Nonetheless, he''ll always have fans hoping he''ll return to Twitch once more. It''s remarkable how much he has ever experienced, though.

Despite previously saying he''d never be on Twitch again, Dr Disrespect was not a part of anyone else''s broadcast. Unlike the Doc''s mustache and mullet, it was during his own broadcast, nor was it a part of anyone else''s. It was during a brief appearance on Twitch.

The whole thing to get a fuss over is that there are a number of different content creators involved in the Fortnite ad. All of them are using Fortnite''s recently-added Zero Build game mode. Dr Disrespect isn''t particularly noticeable outside of the fact that he has been permanently prohibited from Twitch.

The question is whether or not streamers within Twitch''s Terms of Service or advertising agreement are also banned from advertising. Despite all of these, some Twitch streamers are banned for very good reasons. However, having them appear after being banned, even in advertisements, might be harmful or even traumatic for certain Twitch users. It''s impossible to make a judgment call on that, since no one knows what Dr Disrespect was banned for.

In the end, Dr Disrespect is a popular content creator on YouTube. He has advertising partnerships with a wide spectrum of companies, and it would be surprising if every company on the market was familiar with Dr Disrespect''s history. However, even in advertisements, it''s easy to see how this has gotten past oversight.

Dr Disrespect has briefly returned to Twitch - sort of. It''s not how any of his supporters were likely to hope, but it''s also probably more than anyone else ever expected. Regardless, fans may wish to thank Fortnite for the opportunity. Don''t expect Dr Disrespect to leave YouTube otherwise.