7 Mediocre Horror Games With One Fantastic Section

7 Mediocre Horror Games With One Fantastic Section ...

When making a video game, consistency is often difficult to achieve. Often, a game will have one component that stands out among the rest; sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. While some games may be a "must play" minus one lacking area, others have the complete opposite situation: one particular component that shines on the remainder of the otherwise unfettered gameplay.

This phenomenon is a common practice in horror games, which may be mediocre, but have one component that makes the whole experience worthwhile.

There are a few spoilers to come.

7 One Late Night - The Witch''s First Appearance

One Late Night is a short immersive experience designed by Black Curtain Studio, which involves players in a seemingly mundane, everyday situation, all while settling the issue into a dilemma the player must struggle to survive. However, after discovering the office door locked and discovering suspicious notes and items in some coworkers'' offices, the player discovers there is something disturbing happening around the facility.

The slow pace of One Late Night may not be for horror fans who want their fears to be less subtle as the first section of the game is mainly spent digging for clues. However, the moment the ghost witch appears in the office is absolutely worth the wait. After unintended walk around the office without a single antagonist or enemy to worry about, the ghost witch suddenly changes the pace completely, making walking around the office a dangerous journey.

The Final Reveal of 6 Outsiders (Dread X Collection)

Outsiders is not a stand-alone release and was instead made as part of the "Dread X Collection" and other small horror games. The game purposely leaves the player in the dark for a long time, leaving him in desperate need of any tangible direction or clear guidance.

It is important to play over again in order to improve, but some players will be disappointed by the big ending ending twist. It turns out that the game''s mechanic of forcing players to loop through the same sequence of actions was actually plot-driven and not just an ordinary "respawn."

5 Little Hope - The QTE Chase

The Dark Pictures Anthology has been fairly successful so far, but Little Hope received mixed to positive reviews. Little Hope does have its strong points, but overall does not compete with the other Dark Pictures installations.

There is a particular component that is effective for intense gameplay and frightening scares. During one scene, the group is being pursued by the terrifying monster versions of themselves who seek to kill them. This then enables the player to perform under stress, tout while seamlessly switching from character to character. This one section was unglaublichly intense and somehow managed to make mundane QTEs more difficult than ever!

Bella In The Shibito House: Siren: Blood Curse

The Forbidden Siren games are known for their terrible enemy designs, immersive world-building, and fantastic soundtracks. However, their rather clunky controls prevent the games from being labeled as excellent end products.

Unquestionably, there is a section in Siren: Blood Curse that stands out as unsettling. While most of these individuals may carry and utilize weapons to defend themselves, Bella Monroe is an exception.

Bella is a young kid who cannot fight or defend herself against the shibito in Hanuda Village; therefore, she must resort to hiding in order to survive. The shibito family, despite being undead, continues to enjoy their daily lives; cooking, cleaning, reading, and even listening to music.

The Derelict Apartments: Three Ju-Ons

The Grudge game was disappointing upon its release in 2009, but although it may not be solid gameplay-wise, it still does a great job at delivering genuine (yet fun) scares. Instead of playing as a typical survival horror, the Grudge game begins by playing as a "haunted house simulator."

The game is divided into diverse levels, including a hospital, the original cursed house, and, of course, the derelict apartments. The latter area is arguably the scariest in the game. While Kayako is freely roaming in other levels, this area is different.

On Kenji''s journey to a seemingly abandoned apartment, the package suddenly starts shaking, and Kayako sees it out of the package he was carrying the entire time. This part of the derelict apartments does not only make for a frightening twist, but it does also not stop there as Toshio makes an appearance right before Kenji''s inevitable conclusion.

The Family of Jennifer''s Dear Friend Has Two Rules Of Rose

Jennifer, the protagonist of Rule of Rose, is shy and timid, often too afraid to stand up for herself. Jennifer, likely out of fear, was forced to play with the Red Rose Aristocracy and every one of their whims, irrespective of how cruel they were.

Jennifer''s only real solace in the hardship she faced was her dear friend (and faithful dog), Brown. Sometimes the best parts of a game are within the scenes rather than the gameplay, and this is true with Rule of Rose.

Jennifer realizes that the Aristocracy had finally taken Jennifer''s only happiness away from her, but the game takes a drastic turn. It is at this moment that Jennifer finally takes a (somehow even) darker turn and the story begins to unfold from this point on; finally discovering all of the Aristocracy''s secrets.

1 Resident Evil 6 - The Playground

The Resident Evil series is no doubt a staple in the survival horror game genre, although Resident Evil 6 hasn''t received as much love as other series titles. Although most of RE6 was sub-par, one little section makes the journey (almost) worth it.

Players can enjoy a quiet day at the park, where they play free if they play with their inner child. RE6 may not be the strongest game in Capcom, but the sight of Chris Redfield on a panda spring ride is almost enough to forgive the rest of the campaign.

It''s time that the Resident Evil cast gets some time to relax!