Where Can I Find Every Mokoko Seed In Morai Ruins In Lost Ark?

Where Can I Find Every Mokoko Seed In Morai Ruins In Lost Ark? ...

The second content you see in Lost Ark, Yudia, has rich pickings in mokoko seeds. The Saland Hill area, which houses nine seeds of its own, but its dungeon, Mora Ruins (Submerged Ruins at the time of writing), has another 11 of its own. Many of these are hidden, but they all are accessible.

Before you can get access to the dungeon, you should know that you will need to progress beyond To Morai. Once inside, it''s a large step up from the dungeons in Rethramis. It''s long, winding, and complex, with enemies coming at you from all sides. However, keep an eye on the basics.

Making mistakes

It''s easy to fall foul of the Morai Ruins'' twisting paths and levels. Most jumps, climbs, and crossing are one-way so you must be careful if you want to grab all of the mokoko seeds in one visit. Especially as the zone is also dark, making things harder to find.

Note that you can always press F2 and play Song of Escape. There''s no need to be constant in defeating this dungeon once you completed the ruins on straightforward and difficult settings. So, you''ll lose very little by heading out and starting again if you discover that you have missed a seed.

Mokoko Seed One Jump To The Hut

Follow the path north, hugging the east wall, and youll see a jump point that doesn''t have a blue arrow on the map. Jump up, defeat the small group of mobs, and the first mokoko seed is visible on the back of the wooden platform.

Mokoko Seed Two Jump To The Platform

The first and second water-blocking gates are released after releasing the second gate. Move to the northwest corner of this small T-shaped area and deal with the female mages there. Once defeated, a new jump spot will appear next to the west-most hut. On the small wooden platform you land there, you can only miss the second seed.

Mokoko Seeds Three And Four Through The Broken Floor

Youll now travel along a rope into the next area and be attacked from all sides. One group may notice you crossing the same path, removing the map, or crossing them to that lower level. Two constructs await you at the bottom, and a new crossing appears. Two mokoko seeds, one in plain sight, are later discovered at the back of the area.

Mokoko Seeds Five And Six Secret Room

Continue following the main quest beyond the thorny traps, Gatekeeper Ramos, and the spiked walls, then down the rope slide. There are some shortcomings in the corridor here. Move to the end of the corridor along the left-hand wall, where youll discover an attacking door to destroy it, revealing two new seeds.

Mokoko Seed Seven Defeat Morai Clay Shaman

You''ll get to a point where you must defeat five Morai Shaman before destroying a wall and embarking on a raft. A corridor that leads down to this battle has another anticsible door. Destroy it to reveal another hidden jump point. Then jump down to get your ninth mokoko seed. It''s a bit hidden by leaves in the north corner of the small alcove.

Eight And Nine people have died in the shattered Pillar, according to Mokoko.

Once youre off the raft, climb up the stairs and clear the enemies there. Youll see a climbing spot in the right corner, but you won''t get up yet. Instead, look for a long, thin pillar just opposite you as you get to the bottom. While the ninth is hidden around the corner to the right.

Another Broken Pillar Has Been Seeded by Mokoko

Now for a bit of deja vu. Make an early climb to another small platform and prepare for another surprise attack. Once again, avoid climbing up afterward. This time, look to the right of the jump point for another broken pillar and climb down it. While the last is a little to the north, near the broken edge of the flooring.