The series of Yomawari's 10 Creepiest Creatures

The series of Yomawari's 10 Creepiest Creatures ...

Wandering alone at night can be a frightening experience, and the Yomawari series takes this nightmarish situation to the extreme. It places you in the shoes of a child as you explore a teetering gem, with nothing more than a flashlight to illuminate your path.

Yomawari is a colorful art technique that goes hand in hand with its child protagonists, but the Yomawari series isn''t afraid to dodge the scares, with each creature wearing a uniquely horrifying design.

Burning Spirit (Night Alone): 10 Tragic Implications

Burning Spirit, as it is known by fans, looks exactly as the name suggests, with this Spirit constantly being on fire and screaming in eternal pain. The concept of this Spirit might not be as imaginative as other creatures in the series, but its facial expression is horrifying to say the least.

When you consider how it may be encountered near the Schools old incinerator, this Spirit becomes even creepier, implying that it is the spirit of a young child who tragically became trapped inside and lost their lives.

9 Peekaboo: Baby Spirit (Midnight Shadows)

The monstrous infant is a theme often used in horror games, such as the sinister babies in P.T. and Resident Evil Village. Here, Midnight Shadows also plays into the trope with its disturbing Baby Spirits, accompanied by the sounds of a baby wails.

The Baby Spirit is so unsettling, because it transforms the innocence of a child into something much more grotesque. Its abnormally large face is permanently etched with a cry, with no one to offer it any comfort.

8 A Kind Deed: Woman In The Rice Fields (Night Alone)

In Night Alone, the Woman in the Rice Fields is one of the few humanoid spirits you can encounter. Due to her untimely demise, this Spirit was vengeful in nature and becoming aggressive towards you after picking up her Broken necklace.

The woman''s tale is heartbreaking, as she walks close to where she died, without her soul being unable to rest. However, if you return the woman''s necklace, shell lets you go free.

7 Dinner Time: Hungry Ghost (Night Alone)

These uninsatiable Spirits are found in one of the games most intense sections, where you must maneuver around them, keeping them out of their line of sight. Keeping with their chosen location, the shopping district, and the Hungry Ghosts will keep stationary as mannequins, until you disturb them.

This unusual design demonstrates that this creature is constantly malnourished, and only you will satiate their appetite.

6 Armed And Ready: Teke Teke (Night Alone)

The Teke Teke of Night Alone, a Japanese urban legend, is the malefic spirit of a young girl whose body was dipped in half by a train. It certainly does this frightening urban legend by sprinting towards you, utilizing its arms to propel its body forward.

The Teke Tekes appearance is a testament to the urban legend, who has a large pale face covered with limp black hair, one white eye, and two large hands. It''s also one of the most difficult Spirits to escape from, as it''s quite fast and easy to catch you.

Mr. Kotowari (Midnight Shadows): 5 A Smart Cookie

The name Mr. Kotowari comes from the word kotowarikata in Japan, which means a way of cutting off. The game''s etymology demonstrates his skill, with enormous, bloody scissors. This image shows him standing up with small fingers and a vast, gaping maw.

Mr. Kotowari is a creature equally fascinating as he is frightening. His intelligence makes him a difficult Spirit to outsmart when you encounter him, especially as he can create copies of himself to overburdened you.

4 An Eyesore: Malice (Midnight Shadows)

The main antagonist of Midnight Shadows is a malignant creature who tries to manipulate the protagonist through seemingly malicious tutorial messages. Malice is one of the most eye-catching in the series, made up of twisted fingers, red, bulging eyes, and a toothy grin.

Malice, unlike other creatures in the series, is pure evil, making your journey with it even more unsettling. One of the few boss fights in the game, Malice leaves a lasting impression because of its huge size and spider-like limbs. If you manage to kill this frightening creature, youll also notice that the body lifts, revealing a humanoid face underneath that bites down on its own body.

My eyes are up here: Mountain Spirit (Night Alone)

The main villain in Night Alones, which is similar to its antagonistic counterpart in Midnight Shadows, is made up of diverse body components that match to create a hostile face. Neglected by the townsfolk that stopped revering it as the powerful god it is, the Mountain Spirit took those who lived in harmony with the way it happened, making it more aggressive as it became forgotten to time.

The Mountain Spirit is a fearsome foe, providing you with a heart-stopping final battle, where you must avoid Hand Spirits while lighting up six shrines, according to its godhood.

2 Tag, Youre It: Hanako (Night Alone)

Hanako, another unique spirit found in Night Alone, appears to be a normal young girl with short black hair and red suspenders. It is only until you get a closer look at this Spirits face, her more deityful nature is revealed, with her face being caved in and covered with sharp teeth.

Despite Hanakos'' impressive appearance, she is a kind-hearted Spirit underneath her toothy exterior. She is one of the few Spirits in the game that isnt hostile and will instead begin a tag game, rewarding you with the Doll if you win a number of times.

Mr. Yomawari (Night Alone And Midnight Shadows) is the one of the first spirits of all spirits.

Mr. Yomawari is the protagonist of both Night Alone and Midnight Shadows, and his character has evolved into one of the most well-known spirits in the series. Before killing you and taking you to the Factory, Mr. Yomawari is integral to the story.

The motives behind this creepy creature are left vague enough to keep you interested while revealing them. In terms of appearance, Mr. Yomawari has two forms, one black, tentacled creature with one big eye, and one form known as Meat, which is more aggressive and fleshy.