The Dota Stockholm Major might be the ultimate tiebreaker

The Dota Stockholm Major might be the ultimate tiebreaker ...

Group A will be seeded when the Dota Pro Circuit Stockholm Major playoffs begin on May 16, but the six remaining teams in Group B are in a very erratic situation.

Depending on how the matches between Fnatic, Gaimin Gladiators, Thunder Awaken, and TSM take place on the final day of the Group Stage, every team in the group may finish with the exact same record and have to play in tiebreakers to make a decision.

Group B of the Stockholm Major Group Stage Stage 3 Standings is on the verge of a possible 6 way tie for the whole group tomorrow. @ESLOne #DPC #Dota2

Essentially, if Fnatic and GG split their best-of-two and TA and TSM do the same, each team in Group B will have a 7-5 record. This will result in the whole group playing something like a combined 15 best-of-ones before the playoffs can finally begin, based on the current tiebreaker rules.

Without examining the limited chances of this happening, the current standings in Group B were significantly closer, as Team Liquid lost 0-2 against TSM and lost Team Spirit in their final two matches. Those results gave Liquid the advantage over Spirit, even if the battle royale scenario fails.


Group A continues to be much less complicated, with all but one series ending in a 2-0 sweep, and Evil Geniuses enters the final day in a must-win situation against beastcoast as the North American squad faces elimination.

After winning both BetBoom Team and OG, EG won a 1-9 game record. If they are unable to 2-0 beastcoast, they will be the first and only team ever eliminated from the Major based on performance, since Mind Games was removed from Group B following travel problems on day two.

@Taigadota @OGesports POGHOLE BY @Taigadota @OGesports

Tundra remained dominant, sweeping beastcoast and BOOM Esports, while the BB Team continue to surprise everyone, putting up victories against EG and T1, while both teams and T1 have locked themselves into an upper bracket position in the playoffs, while OG still has a chance to drop BOOM into the lower bracket heading into the final day.

Day three only has five matches on the schedule total, but players will absolutely want to tune in right as the day begins at 5am CT to see Tundra and T1 clash, followed by the EGs last stand against beastcoast, and a massive match-up between the OG and the BB Team.