The Character List for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Could Dwarf Its Predecessors

The Character List for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Could Dwarf Its Predecessors ...

Although the title of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses was a relatively big game, it spawned three main storylines based on the titular houses, leaving every character in the Secret Fourth Ashen Wolves house in an extended first half. This feature also enhanced the content after the release of an DLC for the "Silver Snow" Church of Seiros. Despite the trend, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is expected to replicate Three Houses'' scale.

In the Fire Emblem, Three Houses allowed Intelligent Systems to discover various aspects of its universe. Dimitri''s Azure Moon route examines how the Adrestian Empire destabilizes the continent of Fodlan, while Claude''s Verdant Wind route dives deeper into an evil organization called Those Who Slither in the Dark. Three Hopes will replicate that structure with three story paths, and a recent look at the returning Blue Lions suggests the title will have a large cast of fighters.

Blue Lions in Fire Emblem Warriors set the stage with three hopes.

The next Nintendo-inspired Musou game, Koei Tecmo, has confirmed three narrative paths: Scarlet Blaze, Azure Gleam, and Golden Wildfire, according to reports. The trailer for Three Houses'' Crimson Flower, Azure Moon, and Verdant Wind are all focused on Fodlan''s Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, led by Dimitri, and confirms that all members of the original Blue Lions house will return.

The Golden Deer and Black Eagles will benefit from spin-off games like Hyrule Warriors, which means that all students from the Blue Lions will be eligible for rides and riding classes, but three Hopes will benefit from the same abilities. Meanwhile, Annette''s heroics will be increased using the Crusher axe.

There is no guarantee that every student from Three Houses will be reinstated, as there are similarities between the original JRPG and Three Hopes as a hack-and-slash game in an alternate continuity. In Three Hopes, the player character is a mercenary named Shez, who faces the original protagonist Byleth as their enemy, and every trailer so far has shown units wearing new outfits. It''s probable everyone will be reinstated so that fans of Three Houses may play as their favorites, but

Other Nintendo Warriors titles might outlive three chances.

Three hopes get at least 25 playable units, including Shez in each route, according to Koei Tecmo''s latest Nintendo-based Musou game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (though Link and Zelda had multiple unique weapons)

According to a recent study, the game''s main character from five different Fire Emblem titles was boosted by a second party of original fighters. Three Hopes is drawn from one game''s source material, much like Age of Calamity. It''s likely the roster will''t be able to roll out at 25.

Three Hopes will include stars like Monica and Holst Goneril, but they are unlikely to play as DLC members. Flayn, who plays the church in the second trailer, appears briefly in the game''s second trailer, and will then join multiple classes in the original Three Houses. But time will tell if two groups can crosspollate as they did in the original game.

The Nintendo Switch will release Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes on June 24, 2022.