How to Make Coalescence II: The Gift in Guild Wars 2

How to Make Coalescence II: The Gift in Guild Wars 2 ...

The Coalescence Legendary Trinket from Guild Wars 2 is divided into a number of different stages that must be completed before players can equip it. The first stage, Coalescence I: Unbridled, involves completion of a series of Path of Fire Raids and collections and visiting the crystal Desert maps. Once youve completed the first phase, you will need to complete the second collection.

Players must obtain 18 different items, either purchased with different currencies or through interactions with additional items and places. While it seems like a lot of effort to go through for a simple Trinket, players should be aware that Legendary tiered items can have their stats altered without penalty, meaning you may change them as you need. In this case, the Coalescence has several orbs that float about the character, which has it equipped.

The second tier of this Trinket will include a few things:

Alembic ApparatusPurchased from Scholar Glenna in the Mythwright Gambit for 100 Gaeting Crystals and 10 Gold.
Bottle of Rage (Empty).Interact with the bottles at the Temple of Balthazar in Straits of Devastation.
Bottle of Rage (Filled)Walk to King Jokos Sky Garden in the Domain of Vabbi.
Bottle of Contempt (Empty)Find the bottles in a small crevice below The Cauldron of Searing hero point found in the Iron Marches.
Bottle of Contempt (Filled)Speak to a Separatist Sympathizer NPC in the Stronghold of Ebonhawke.
Bottle of Surprise (Empty)Found in the bottles in the third small chest in the Mythwright Gambit Raid.
Bottle of Surprise (Filled)Jump into the Mystic Forge in Lions Arch.
Bottle of Fear (Empty).Interact with the bottles found in front of the broken Dwayna statue in Queensdale.
Bottle of Fear (Filled)Talk to the Sanctum Librarian in The Dark Library.
Bottle of Anguish (Empty).Find with the bottles found in a bookshelf in the Scarlets Secret Lair.
Bottle of Anguish (Filled).Kneel at the Field of the Fallen point of interest in Lions Arch.
Bottle of Excitement (Empty)Find the bottles in the Splorg Metamystics Lab south entrance in Metrica Province.
Bottle of Excitement (Filled)Jump into the fountain in the Mistlock Observatory.
Bottle of Joy (Empty)Find the bottles next to the quaggan Coddler in the Coddlers Cove jumping puzzle.
Bottle of Joy (Filled)Jump into the fountain with the playing Quaggan Hatchlings in Lions Arch.
Bottle of Shame (Empty)Find the bottles under the table in the Seraph Headquarters instance in Divinitys Reach.
Bottle of Shame (Filled)Approach the Glints Lair point of interest in the Desert Highlands.
Alchemical Alembic CompleteUse your Alembic Apparatus once youve collected all the bottles.