Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are caught soaking up the cold open on Saturday Night Live

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are caught soaking up the cold open on Saturday Night Live ...

While the last weeksSaturday Night Livecold open was a bit more difficult to identify, it was a bit tricky to deduce what we were getting this time around. Was there one central event worth focusing on? What subject matter will be covered?

Well, the show took on something we honestly didn''t expect that would be the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial. For starters, were not sure how much comedy there really is to be taken away from it; the whole situation is just sad, really, and most of the opening sketch attempted to convince us that the whole trial was simply funny. To be specific, the nature of human waste on a bedsheet.

We may not know if this sketch will be shown to anyone, most likely because the trial itself is so jarring. Kyle Mooney did a pretty good Johnny Depp, but the writers decided to avoid playing Amber Heard.

We think this sketch will be headlined at the end of the day, but who was it for? It felt like someone told the writers that they had to present something on the trial, and they came up with a very clear outline because nobody wanted to see it. Comedy requires that to work, because you need something to laugh it. Because of that, they really shouldnt have done it at all.

If the rest of the show is similar to the cold open, then we might be in for a long night. That''s a sigh, given that Selena Gomez is super-talented. It was especially fun because so many cast members tried to offer themselves up as potential romantic partners for her.

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