A Battlefield 2042 survey asks for opinion on possible new features

A Battlefield 2042 survey asks for opinion on possible new features ...

Despite EA DICE''s efforts to improve Battlefield, few people predicted Battlefield 2042 to be the place they currently is. Despite public records, player totals have dropped, and criticism continues. However, EA and DICE are already considering Battlefield 2042''s future. An official survey by EA suggests that the publisher is considering some strategies.

There are several versions of the survey, but none have the same questions. There are also several interesting concepts. The most interesting is likely to be a "rental program" for a persistent Battlefield 2042 server. DICE previously stated relaunching server rentals after the launch, but made no promises.

A second question asked whether players would be interested in a new way to utilize the game''s Portal game mode editor. The idea is that Portal would include a "spatial editor," which allows players to adjust map elements, including flags and M-COMs. The survey also raised the possibility of moving map walls, crates, and other large objects, perhaps indicating that DICE will only be able to prioritize some adds, but not all.

The third question from the survey is less encouraging. It''s also about Portal, but instead of asking about what content players might want to see, it''s rather gauging the response to end future content additions. Specifically, the question asks players'' opinion of Portal that its legacy content is no longer receiving additional maps, game modes, and assets from previous Battlefield games.

The survey''s questions are difficult to understand because indicating Battlefield 2042''s development may be slowing. A third question indicates that content has been no longer advertised as planned. It may not be surprising, but Battlefield 2042 players will still be dissatisfied.

What''s next for Battlefield 2042 remains to be seen. There are reports that developers are planning to proceed to a new Battlefield project already, as well as concerns about the delivery of Battlefield 2042 post-launch content as part of Ultimate Editions. EA has demonstrated a willingness to put off live-service games'' lifespans early, but Battlefield 2042 is a massive game release, but this could dwindle the franchise in the near future. This is a survey, but it raises more questions than

Battlefield 2042 is now available on PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.