The Week's Top 7 Video Game News (May 7 - 13)

The Week's Top 7 Video Game News (May 7 - 13) ...

The middle of May. Video games should be the quietest time of the year in terms of launch. A short break between the busy launch schedule to kick off the year and a summer of big announcements before we turn the corner into the holiday season. This week, however, as we have seen EA and FIFA clash, WB Games revealing a lot more about Gotham Knights, and of course another big release date delay. Two of the most important stories from the last seven days in video games here.

Starfield And Redfall Pushed To 2023

With Xbox''s announcement that it will have a joint presentation with Bethesda next month, we hope Starfield will not play the entire game before the end of 2022. However, the studio has confirmed this week that both Starfield and Redfall will be available this year, causing the calendar to become much more empty. FromSoftware is expecting seven months to follow.

A Lot More Info On Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is still scheduled to launch in 2022, according to WB Games Montreal this week. This week''s reports included Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay, and that the last-gen version of the game was canceled, so all focus can be on the current-gen and PC versions. There has also been revealed that cross-platform play and couch co-op will not be available.

FIFA Will Soon Be EA Sports FC

After 28 years, EA was contemplating extending its links to FIFA and changing the name of its long-running football sim series. This week, EA confirmed that its football games will be called EA Sports FC, which has already begun. In response to this confirmation, FIFA''s president said the series will continue on even without EA at the start of the season. In 2023, the football game landscape will undergo its biggest transformation.

Is Commander Shepard Alive Or Not?

BioWare unveiled a few Mass Effect merch this week, implying that despite Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard is still alive and will return in Mass Effect 5. This mistake, for sure, siftled fans once more, stating that it was a mistake, implying that Shepard will not be returning. In conclusion, no one else, except those who make Mass Effect 5, can say that despite the end.

Xbox Goes Down

The game development world has evolved for the better. It is very simple to choose, but if any servers go down, millions may be left unable to play certain games. Or as a result of the lack of users working on consoles last weekend, the number of complaints would have been increased. However, everything appears to have been restored.

The Fallen Order Sequel Could Have A Name

Even though there has been no official confirmation from EA, a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel was likely to be officially revealed on Star Wars Day. This week, we got a big one: a claim from an insider that the sequel now has a name. It''s believed that Fallen Order 2, unlike the still unknown Breath of the Wild sequel, is a name.