Briana DeJesus is partnering with Briana to commemorate her success over Kailyn Lowry

Briana DeJesus is partnering with Briana to commemorate her success over Kailyn Lowry ...

Briana DeJesus, a teen mom 2 star, invited her friends and Kailyn Lowry''s foes to her closed party, where she celebrated Lowry''s April victory. DeJesus was sued for defamation in June 2021.

On May 14, DeJesus and her guest shared their updates on social media.

Cookies and sweets for the pink-themed dinner included things like: B**** Have My Money and I Won, as well as an open bar, with desserts such as Case Closed, Baddie, and Flame Dat A**.

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DeJesus, 30, wore a string of $20 bills as a scarf and wrapped it around her neck while doing a dance for the camera. She had a gavel and block that she hit together and posed for pictures.

Some people caught at the party were Teen Mom 2 subjects, like DeJesus ex Luis Hernandez, Brittany DeJesus, and co-stars Jade Cline and Sean Austin. Lowrys ex, Malik Montgomery, though, appeared to be a member.

Jenelle Evans Was In Attendance

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Evans hasn''t been involved in the MTV industry since being fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019. Producers reached out to her when she was filming Teen Mom: Family Reunion, but they met her when she refused to see her husband, David Eason, star in the cast.

When DeJesus tossed her party, things varied. Evans and DeJesus have always been cordial, and both women have publicly fought with Lowry.

She didn''t miss an opportunity to party with the enemy of her enemy, posing for photos with DeJesus, and taking Jell-O shots with some of the other partygoers.

MTV cameras appeared to be observing the gathering, which means that Evans may make an appearance on an upcoming episode of Teen Mom.

MTV was combining Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG in an effort to secure the sinking franchise, which has struggled with ratings for the past few seasons.

Lowry has jeopardized his participation.

Lowry was convicted of slain by DeJesus and she agreed to pay her legal fees.

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DeJesus contacted the judge to ask Lowry to cover the expenses of her defense following her winning lawsuit against Lowry.

Celebuzz cited a letter sent by DeJesus'' attorney Marc Randazza, stating that his client wanted to be reimbursed for $120,096.87 she had spent on legal fees.

According to Celebuzz, the court is required to pay Ms. [Briana] Soto her attorneys fees and expenses according to Florida''s anti-SLAPP statute. I''m writing to see if we can reach an agreement on payment of fees before proceeding to filing our motion.

On May 14, the day of DeJesus'' party, she posted a photo of Lowrys'' signature and claimed that the mother-of-four accepted her demands.

During your signing of the agreement to pay my lawyer fees, I hope u felt like a complete s***. F*** me and you can suck my d***. I hope I get to see you so I can spit in our face, according to DeJesus.

Don''t U in ur life ever think it''s okay to use the court system to bully someone, according to her. Your mother should have taught us better.

Lowry would pay DeJesus lawyer fees, but the alum would return more than $300,000. The Teen Mom 2 alum told Bachelor alum, Nick Viall, that she spent $200,000 standing up for herself.