Season 13 Character Tier List for Apex Legends

Season 13 Character Tier List for Apex Legends ...

Season 13 of Apex Legends is now available, with some significant upgrades to the game, from major Ranked Match upgrades to weapon and character tuning. A brand-new legend: Newcastle has created a significant shift in the meta, which also led to the rise of defensive Legends - including Rampart.

These characters are first sorted into their tiers, and the tiers are then sorted alphabetically. Apex Legends Season 13 character tier list


Ash - Ash specializes in following up on an engagement and stalking targets down as they try to flee. Ash''s Arc Snare allows her to stop running enemies, and her Passive - Marked for Death - allows her to gain clues on where her adversaries have run. Although her tracking has proven to be strong, she has yet to complete a new role in Season 13 that has not changed that.

Bloodhound - Bloodhound has always carved a special spot in the meta as the game''s best tracker. They can see enemies left behind, which is easily one of the best passives in Apex Legends, and use their search to highlight large areas that identify the enemy. During their ultimate Beast of the Hunt, Bloodhound can see enemies easier and move quicker to catch up with predators. When it comes to tracking down enemies and securing the kill, Bloodhound is second to none.

Gibraltar - Gibraltar has always remained on tier lists every season owing to his bulk, and his two different shields that protect him from damage. Even without Fortified headshot resistance, Gibraltar has still a lot of control, making him an excellent defensive and support partner. Gibraltar was the only Legend who could take a Kraber headshot (the powerful Season 12 version) and live thanks to his Gun Shield, which shows how solid a tank Gibraltar is years later.

Newcastle is the new kid in town, and his kit revolves around being an insurmountable wall against enemy fire. Newcastle uses a revive shield while picking them up, and his tactical deploys a shield that can be moved but not shot through. It is also more than double the distance if targeting a teammate or a friendly deathbox. Time will tell if the meta adapts before he gets nerfed.

Revenant started off quite underwhelming, but after a series of fantastic buffs, Revenant now stands up to his lore as a perfect killing machine. He consistently lays up Apex''s seasonal tier lists, for good reason. His tactical abilities are limited, his Death Totem allows him to push strong teams without worrying about it (perfect for combating Seer). He is also an active player in this season, and his defensive strategies are evident.

Seer - While he was not as powerful as when he first appeared, he is still an incredible legend when it comes to collecting information. Seer combines a powerful passive and ultimate to gain information about enemies in his immediate area, and his tactical can also interrupt and silence enemies, including interrupting healing.

Valkyrie - When movement is a major component of Apex Legends'' meta, Legends like Valkyrie rise to the top. Her powerful VTOL Jets are perfect for easy maneuvering around maps, and her ultimate allows her to re-equip her team with ease. This season Valkyrie will remain in the top tier.


Crypto is a strong leader in transferring information to his team in the event of being out of combat more efficiently than other Legends. In Season 12, Crypto''s drone deployed received a rework so that he could only send it straight without entering into a drone view, which was a significant improvement, as it allowed Crypto to be more proficient in the game. However, if Crypto''s drone is destroyed, it may be able to deploy a powerful shield-damaging EMP, but Crypto is only a person

Fuse is great when enemies are clustered together, which is one of Newcastle''s best early counters. Fuse gets improved grenade-throwing capabilities, improved carrying capacity for grenades, and his abilities all evoke a very similar feeling to blowing enemies up with grenades. His Knuckle Cluster creates a ring of fire that puts enemies at risk. He''s great when enemies are combined and provides stability to those who attempt to escape.

Mirage is a bizarre Legend to place given his kit is very dependent on the player''s ability to trick enemies. While Mirage might use a buff or two, his decoys are incredibly powerful tools to confuse and reveal enemies'' location foolish enough to shoot at them. Mirage is incredibly believable when it comes to reviving enemies, although his passive ability is much more effective when it comes to combating non-recon opponents. Mirage is also an absolute challenge to fight in the right hands, as long

Octane: whether it be moving himself quickly through Stims or moving his entire team with Jump Pads. As part of the rise of defensive legends like Newcastle and Rampart, Octane is fantastic in the current meta, as his Jump Pad allows him to reposition his entire team over defensive lines. He is especially popular with Revenant''s Death Totem to break these choke points. He is also happy to get the rest of his body, although he does not regenerate to compensate for this.

Pathfinder is a great legend for combatists who love mobility and want to dominate the battlefield. His Grapple allows him to zip around and reposition with ease, while his zipline allows him to move his team across obstacles and wide areas. He''s still got a powerful kit that can be quite deadly in the right hands.

Rampart has been consistently left behind every season due to the rapid nature of Apex Legends, but after a series of buffs and tweaks culminating in Season 12, she is finally seeing some strong performance. Her deployable cover improved their health, allowing them to be more valuable in longer engagements; Rampart excels at using LMGs, which are so powerful in Apex Legends. She is now one of the key players to dominating any Apex map.

Wraith is often regarded as the poster legend for Apex Legends, especially since she was one of the most successful performers among streamers and content creators. Her Into the Void capability allows her to become invisible for a short time, perfect for escapeing bad situations or going past a deadly choke point. On the other hand, her passive alerts her when being targeted.


Bangalore - The kit is perfect for those who are new to the game, and it is quite effective in the hands of a long-time player. Her passive Double Time allows her to move quicker when being shot at, and her ultimate will drop a steady line of artillery that is great at zoning enemies. Lots of players are picking her again to see her new interactions with Newcastle, who happens to be her long-lost brother.

Horizon is a powerful Legend who combines crowd control and mobility to offer many benefits on any team she joins. While Her Gravity Lift enables players to move to higher ground with ease, and her Black Hole is perfect for putting up a combo with characters such as Fuse or Gibraltar. She''s not quite as powerful as she was at launch, but is a solid Legend.

Lifeline, while being Apex Legends'' sole "medic," has begun to fall into a weird place where many of her abilities are being pawned off to other characters - or even borrowed for other in-game mechanics. She used to have a revive shield, but Newcastle took her in, and her rapid healing is taken in spirit by the Gold Body Armor. It''s still possible to do so simultaneously, but it''s becoming apparent that a Lifeline rework is required.

Loba''s Apex Legends history is a rollercoaster of beats and flaws that made her nearly impossible to use. Thankfully, her teleportation bracelet has a decent crackdown, and Loba can move freely while her bracelet is mid-flight. Finally, her Eye for Quality ability allows her to see high-tier loot through walls, which is always invaluable. While only her tactical is useful in combat, her entire kit is geared toward making a team more equipped in its own right.

Mad Maggie is adept at focusing down targets when it comes to Newcastle, Gibraltar, and Rampart. Her Riot Drill is an explicit counter to those abilities, causing a lot of damage to anyone involved in the attack, even if placed inside a Gibraltar bubble or behind a Newcastle''s wall. She is a solid offensive Legend, but has a very low pick rate despite being seemingly perfect in the current meta.

Wattson - Everybody''s favorite electrical engineer is perfect for those who want to lock down an area while keeping it safe from ordinances, and this time, Wattson''s team is alerted when the fence is crossed. Wattson''s electric fences, while Wattson''s power is limited, and it''s time to recharge shields for those who are in the area.


Caustic became very betroffen in Season 12, with a brutal nerf, which allows his gas traps to be destroyed when activated, yet he is significantly weaker than he used to. One might argue that in D-Tier, Caustic is currently the weakest Legend in terms of kit potential, but he is still outclassed by other defensive Legends until he gets some buffs.


No Legends are quite bad enough to reach D-Tier, as everyone currently has a place in the meta. Even Caustic does have situations where he can be quite deadly. This year, Apex has discovered one of the most interesting and divisive metas that has ever seen.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Apex Legends Mobile is now available on May 17.