A former bachelorette professes her desire to get married

A former bachelorette professes her desire to get married ...

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum dated each other in October 2020 and became engaged in romance in December 2012. According to Us Weekly, they later welcomed a son, Fordham Rhys, and a daughter, Essex Reese.

Ashley and J.P. focused on their children as they navigated their divorce. Nevertheless, Ashley has now moved on with someone new. Bachelor Nation supporters are curious to know if she will get married again or have more kids. In a series of now-expired Instagram stories from April 28, she answered both of those frequently asked questions.

Here''s all you need to know about this page:

Ashley considers herself solid on her desire for marriage and other children.

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Ashley Hebert (@ashleylynnrosenbaum) posts a message.

The former bachelorette stars recently went public with her romance with food blogger Yanni Georgoulakis. While the romance might be quite new for franchise fans, it''s not a new relationship for them. Ashley and her boyfriend have actually been dating for a year after a friend of her set them up with her kids. The relationship is a bit of a misunderstanding.

Although Ashley and Georgoulakis were talked about severing marriage opportunities as well as having additional children, Ashley stated that neither idea is appealing to her.

I appreciate a well-balanced life, and right now my life is so perfect balanced between my kids and my business and my friends, and the time I take for myself to help my mental health, therefore the answer is yes. Ashley said she split custody equally with her ex-husband, and she certainly dotes on Ford and Essie when they are with her.

The Mother of Two is enviable about getting married again, either way.

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Ashley was also asked if she would be open to going married again. Georgoulakis has been dating her for a while, and they seem to be head-over-heels for one another. Despite that, Ashley isnt making any wedding plans until now, or perhaps ever.

So many questions about marriage and baby life, and so many things. Is it funny that when we think about love? Ashley asked. Why cant we just love, like why does always have to be something after it? Can I just love who I love, and I won''t want to marry! Just let me live! Ashley was absolutely atrreast as she agreed on her opinion on this front, indicating that this was her first encounter several times.

Ashley appears to be quite content with her life as it is right now, and she seems to be happy with co-parenting Ford and Essie with J.P. Shes in Florida and is evidently assuming that balance will be established at some point. But for now, Ashley may be a solid no on both sides.