SNL Has It's Old Enough on Netflix! With a Helpless Longterm Boyfriend Edition

SNL Has It's Old Enough on Netflix! With a Helpless Longterm Boyfriend Edition ...

If you haven''t yet seen Netflix''s Old Enough! (which is basically a long-running show from Japan, Hajimete no Otsukai) do that. They''re short short little nuggets with 2-4 year olds being sent out alone on errands, and the Super Bowl gets the biggest stakes with the cuteness of the Kitten Bowl rolled into one.

This weeks Saturday Night Live is a way to avenge the Old Enough!: Longterm Boyfriends edition. Selena Gomez, a 34-year-old man-child boyfriend of three years (played by Mikey Day), goes on a slew of quick errands, and he does as well as his pint-sized Japanese counterparts.

As in the original series, Gomezs Kelsey prepares Matt for his journey (complete with a flag that says STOP for crossing the street) and gives him instructions with the soothing voice youd use with a toddler. Sephora, however, is a dangerous place. Not everyone may easily remember the difficult list of his items.

Heidi Gardner has a lot of fun playing the helpful Sephora salesperson and Kenan Thompson plays another flag-carrying boyfriend out on an errand. The sketch shows the origins of the original as well as how New York was treated (why wouldnt you stop for a bacon, egg, and cheese?) and disturbing man-child life (um adult LEGOs arent that bad?).

Gomez enjoys a long-distance indulgence over a woman three times her age. Her lecture of, I might have a bottl a glass of wine. It''s 10:00 a.m., but it''s fine. But it''s possible to cut that out, according to Gomez, who is a masterclass in reassignment.

If everything is too close to home and you realize that youre in one of these disgruntled relationships, might we suggest viewing Old Enough! on Netflix? It won''t fix anything, but those kids are real cute.

No clips are yet available, but Sunday will be updated with the full video. For the time being, weigh in if you watched live, and grade this season''s penultimate episode.