Dr Disrespect Has an Interesting Idea for Using Controller Vs. Mouse and Keyboard Gameplay in His Game

Dr Disrespect Has an Interesting Idea for Using Controller Vs. Mouse and Keyboard Gameplay in His Ga ...

Dr Disrespect is well-known in the gaming world for a number of reasons. For example, he has a persona that is instantly recognizable to his many followers on YouTube because of his black mullet, red vest, and cool shades. However, beyond his over-the-top attitude, the Doc also has a history in game design. Last December, he announced that he had established his own AAA development studio, Midnight Society, to develop a new video game.

Despite the complexity of the project, fans learn during his weekly live streams some ideas for the game from the Doc himself. Recently, Dr Disrespect revealed an unusual way to better balance the power of aim assist on a controller against the precision aim of a mouse in his game. However, the YouTube streamer was quick with an answer.

Many long-time fans of Dr Disrespect know that he often complained about aim assist ruining his matches in various games, such as Call of Duty: Warzone. Despite this, the Doc admitted that the feature had its relevance in video games. He said, however, he was concerned that removing the feature altogether would result in controller players being completely destroyed.

With that being said, Dr Disrespect revealed that he had a multi-million dollar desire for a mode that would eliminate aim assist. Despite the fact that gamers who play on a controller without aim assist would earn rarer loot or even more XP as a reward, putting the risk/reward substantially greater.

This is important to note that the YouTube streamer argued that it would be an LTM, thus it might be impossible to envision that the loot would be better, and that those who play without aim assist may be frustrated by loss of their jobs. Conversely, the sense of accomplishment and the added loot for controller players who defeat mouse and keyboard players without aim assist cannot be underestimated.

It is very rewarding for Dr Disrespect fans to hear him discuss his future plans for Midnight Society and his in-development project. Time will tell if this unique type of LTM, suggested during his recent live stream, is ever included in his upcoming game.