In a recent BTS video, Vin Diesel describes Fast X as a "miraculous" feat

In a recent BTS video, Vin Diesel describes Fast X as a "miraculous" feat ...

Making a blockbuster film under any circumstances is never an easy task, particularly a globetrotting behemoth that marks the seventh installment in one of cinemas highest-grossing franchises ever, but Fast X has been working under a different set of trials and tribulations than previously.

When Justin Lin was on the executive seat, everyone assumed the filmmakers'' decision had nothing to do with Vin Diesel. While that hasn''t been confirmed or denied outright, with the Fast Saga veteran remaining diplomatically silent, several sources have identified the key man and producer desire to exert control as the reason.

As a result, the budget has reportedly increased to about $300 million, with Fast X spending around one million dollars per day as the cast and crew remained in a holding pattern until Louis Leterrier was confirmed to be taking over.

A lot of fans slammed one of the Diesels'' first behind the scenes scenes, implying that Lin seemed more like a kid being held captive than a filmmaker thrilled to be working on their new project. Now that Dominic Toretto, a long-time collaborator, has posted a new clip alongside a similarly unenthusiastic Nathalie Emmanuel, which you may see below.

Vin Diesel has shared a message on Twitter (@vindiesel).

Fast X is expected to launch on the big screen after a year, with Leterriers'' recent Netflix action comedy The Takedown lacking much confidence, but it''s time to restrain itself until at least the first footage arrives.