Power Rangers' star wants to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man in 2099

Power Rangers' star wants to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man in 2099 ...

One of the most interesting things about Xochitl Gomezs America Chavez in the Multiverse in Madness, which is that she has visited more than 70 different areas of the multiverse, but that she hasn''t even heard of Spider-Man.

As last years No Way Home was outlined in a spectacular way, there are at least two Peter Parker versions out there, with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire returning to their own problems once they had helped Tom Hollands patch up the imminent invasion, which we now know as a possible incursion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe parlance.

However, there is no reason why fan favorite Miguel OHara would not finish his live-action debut at some point, even if the 2099 suffix might need to be dropped in favor of establishing his hometown of Nueva York as an alternative version of the Big Apple, instead of a futuristic one.

Brennan Mejia, star of The Illuminerdi, Corrective Measures, and Power Rangers, has thrown his hat into the ring.

Miguel OHara, who plays Latino as far as I know, knows that Spiderman will not play me as Peter Parker unless they get a whole new version, but why would they right now. So im assuming they''re happy with what they got. Jaime Reyes, who plays the Lions already, is a man-made jockey. He is a little bit of a puppet, too.

In Morbius, Sonys'' attempts to reclaim the MCUs multiverse failed so well, so if Spider-Man 2099 does end up receiving the live-action endorsement, we seriously hope Kevin Feige is the one who will direct the hypothetical ship.