The author of Doctor Strange 2 claims that the hero will face the consequences of his actions

The author of Doctor Strange 2 claims that the hero will face the consequences of his actions ...

Youve probably seen it at least once by now, but spoilers are ahoy for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Benedict Cumberbatchs'' title hero is in an interesting position following the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, not just because that third eye on his forehead turned out to be the Darkholds version of f*ck around and finding out.

Charlize Therons Clea appeared on the stage to invite the Master of the Mystic Arts on a brand new adventure, which, were all assuming, will serve as the basis for Doctor Strange 3. Also, alternate realities, with Michael Waldron, the author of Multiverse of Madness, revealing where things might be going in an interview with ComicBook.

That''s the bill, however, it should be a drawback to the previousEvil Dead, and that groaner of an end, or its like, things ended up being bad in the end. So, yeah. Well, see what you need to know about Stephen.

Former surgeons'' interactions with Wong, America Chavez, and Wanda Maximoff have slowed his cold-hearted center, which Waldron believes could be a major component of his future development.

I believe the multiverse has forced a mirror up on his face, and has made him do some self-reflecting, which hes refusing to do. Even when he got into that initial acciden, instead of really thinking about who he was, he went and just became the most powerful sorcerer alive. This is a guy who feels no need to go to therapy. I think it is now that he is much more capable than ever working as a member of a team.

While we do not need to get Stephen Strange to come back for treatment, his most recent standalone journey has at least pushed him up to embark on a fresh narrative path, albeit only one point where he isn''t quite as committed as he has ever been.