The disastrous Fantastic Four had a long list of iconic villains

The disastrous Fantastic Four had a long list of iconic villains ...

Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are already anticipating the prospect of Doctor Doom making his inevitable debut, yet there must be a doubt that keeping the iconic villain away from the in-development Fantastic Four reboot might be the best course of action.

After all, weve already had four movies featuring the titular team with three different roles, each of which has featured the dictator of Latverian. Joseph Culp, Julian McMahon, and Toby Kebbell have all inhabited the role, but none of them rekindled a sense of belonging.

Jeremy Slater, the creator of Fant4stic, has revealed in an interview with ComicBook that his original screenplay featured two major comic book antagonists, before going to Doom again.

Annihilus was attacked in my draft of the original Fantastic Four when they went to the Negative Zone for the first time. In the first draft, Galactus had fired his sort of cosmic radiation through the portal and then you discovered Galactus was sort of tracking that radiation back and was on his way to Earth.

The men walked away with Annihilus, who was 20-foot tall and cybernetic in the second draft. I presented him as the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, and the way he would be sort of hunting and attacking them, and it seemed like he was the one who killed Victor and they barely returned through the portal in time, but it seemed like a really fun twist or fun way to use Annihilus that we hadn''t seen before.

For one of a thousand reasons, that was something that was changed in that film. The good news is that Annihilus hasn''t been used yet, but it''s still a possibility that he will be released at some point, or is he part of the different cosmic universe MCU stuff? I''m not sure.

Both Annihilus and Galactus have been heavily rumored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so as Slater states, it''s a case of when and not if in all likelihood, regardless of whether or not Doom is the villain side of Fantastic Four.