Responses to First Stranger Things 4 have hyped over the darkest and most haziest season yet

Responses to First Stranger Things 4 have hyped over the darkest and most haziest season yet ...

The coming release of Stranger Things Season 4 would not be a hyperbolic event to Netflix, with the cultural juggernaut having established a position as one of the most popular television shows of the day a long time ago.

The next couple of weeks will take place when you factor in an excruciating three-year wait for new episodes and the fourth runs status as the penultimate chapter in the Hawkins series. On May 27, Eleven and the gang will finally return with Volume 1, with the back half coming on July 1, and the first wave of reactions to the premiere are only going to make the audience feel somewhat less as long as they lay their eyes on Stranger Things 4.

At this point, cast, crew, and creative team will allow the notion that things will become darker and scarier than they have ever experienced, but the lucky few to have witnessed Stranger Things 4 for themselves indicate that the truth was being revealed, and then some.

The first episode of #StrangerThings4 has immediately faded than we had previously, and I actually enjoyed it. The show is more mature, reflecting how these characters and the audience have evolved, while maintaining the same values that make it #StrangerThings.

The Season 4 premiere of #StrangerThings is big stakes, emotional, and scarier than ever before. But, more than anything, it''s just so nice to have these characters back on show. Get hyped, because there''s nothing else on TV.

I had a blast with #StrangerThings4. It''s the season to end all seasons. A+++++. I can only give my thoughts on episode 1 until full embargo ends on 5/23, but it''s not to be missed. So sweet, everyone. #StrangerThings #StrangerThings

I''ve seen several episodes of #StrangerThings4 but I''m only allowed to tweet about Ep 1They paid $30 million per episode for this and every penny is on screen. It''s GLORIOUS.The ULTIMATE, MEGA 80s movieto end all 80s movies Review embargo lifts 5/23

The first episode of #StrangerThings4 is. It''s almost an hour and 15 minutes of set up and I loved it. Instead of going into the season, the Duffer brothers take their time and do a lot of character building. Not what I expected and love when it happens. #StrangerThings

Episode 1 of #StrangerThings4 is the next evolution of the beloved series. The production is at its finest and the scares are set to 11. Joe Keery remains a fan of the new cast, though it''s possible to release something new. #StrangerThings @Netflix @Netflix @Netflix @Netflix @Netflix @StrangerThings

Episode 1 of #StrangerThings4 is both thrilling and frightening. It returns to its roots and delivers the most exciting & sinister season ever. Millie Bobby as #eleven continues to steal the show, and the rest of the cast are fantastic. Fans are in for a ride! @StrangerThings

Episode 1 of #StrangerThings4 sets the stage for the darkest and most scariest season yet. The scale massive, the cinematography is stunning, and the new and returning characters are fantastic. Im so happy to be back in this world.@Netflix @StrangerThings#StrangerThings @Netflix_CA

To be fair, it appears like a single episode was all that was shown to the spectators, but with a 75-minute runtime its basically feature-length is enough to prepare for what will follow.

Wed feel adamant in declaring that Stranger Things 4 will be shooting for both the Bridgertons second season and the Squid Game to become the single most-watched episodic effort in Netflix history.