Ben Whishaw, star of James Bond, gets his first look at the transformation he made in a new film

Ben Whishaw, star of James Bond, gets his first look at the transformation he made in a new film ...

Ben Whishaw, who plays James Bond, will be wearing a completely different outfit in his next film, with a sneak-peek photo of his transformation into a new character being released.

In the next film Limonov, the star is known for his ability to serve as tech genius Q in the Daniel Craig era of 007 movies.

Whishaw is showing off a first-look image in action, which is certainly a little different to what we''ve seen before, sporting a pair of glasses, a beard, and clearly lighter hair.

The film, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, is based on Emmanuel Carrere''s finest-selling novel, Limonov, with Serebrennikov, Pawel Pawlikowski, and Ben Hopkins actors.

Viktoria Miroshnichenko will play Eduard''s wife Elena in Limonov''s The Ballad of Eddie.

The film, which is described as "a journey through Russia, America, and Europe during the second half of the 20th century," will enliven the complex character Eduard Limonov.

The story focuses on the real-life character of the same name, who was a Russian writer, poet, and politician.

The synopsis of the film reveals Whishaw''s role as "a revolutionary militant, a thug, an underground writer, a butler to a millionaire in Manhattan." He describes his character as "a revolutionary activist, a sweetheart, a sluggish politician, a warmonger, a political agitator, and a novelist who wrote of his own greatness."

In the latest Bond film No Time to Die, Paddington actor Whishaw revealed his thoughts on Q''s sexuality, saying that a line that references Q to a man "came from a good place" despite being not investigated much further.

"I think I thought: "Are we doing this, and then doing nothing with it?" I remember, perhaps, feeling that was unsatisfying," he said. "For whatever reason, I didn''t pick it apart with anyone on the screen."

No Time to Die is now available. All Bond films from the previous generation are available on DVD or Blu-ray.