How To Beat "Party Down" In Evil Dead The Game, Here's How To Beat It! Second Mission

How To Beat "Party Down" In Evil Dead The Game, Here's How To Beat It! Second Mission ...

The second mission in Evil Dead: The Game is similar to that of the previous missions. Instead of a linear path, players are permitted to follow those five objectives in any order they believe fit. That''s a huge amount of free considering it''s so early into the campaign.

Rather than trying a few combinations and hoping for the best, try this tried and true order to get everything right the first time.

How To Beat "Party Down!"

The first objective next to Ash isn''t quite complicated at the beginning. It''s not trapped and no fight triggers after picking up the Wiseman''s Brew. However, before venturing onward, be sure to loot the station next to it. This equipment will come into use in short order.

There is a Shemp''s Cola on the pitch out front and a Amulet inside (go ahead and use that amulet right away) take all of the ammunition so that many weapons will be appropriate for this mission. Grab the shovel for a melee weapon. This revolver is better for these purposes.

On the way to the northernmost objective, a well-known garage will be on the way. Grab some extra valuable items (including a Shemp''s Cola on the back porch). Hang around until Ash''s bar is completely empty.

If Ash gets too close, the tree next to the Wiseman''s Brew will attack him. It''s possible to avoid the loot altogether, but there should be enough ammo if the objectives are fulfilled in the correct order.

A deadite surge of nine enemies will start following the harvest and it must be defeated to thrive.

The minions will be out of their depreciation with one headshot or two body shots. With the shovel, the combo is a small hit, then a button prompt, followed by a powerful hit to finish them off before they can attack.

Players who advanced from the first mission must defeat at least three of these guys in order to avoid much trouble. Just be patient in keeping them at range and, if they charge, don''t dodge until after they jump up in the air. A Shemp''s Cola will be dropped for a reward.

If Ash has done too much damage, remove these players from the stands on special ammunition. At this point, players should be completely maxed out on special ammunition. Lastly, the eastern point gives Ash the chance to deload these munitions in style. Watch out for the tree in the corner of the cemetery, it will also attack if Ash gets close to it.

Gamers have the choice of two legendary weapons. Place the crossbow. Nothing against the pistol, but this special armament will come in handy for the fight. Loot the graveyard and then the brew to trigger a boss fight.

This boss has the same look and moves as the previous mini-bosses. However, it maintains its full boss status due to its preyystoundy health. Don''t hold back or try to conserve ammunition with the crossbow, but this onyl purpose is to win this fight. As usual, attack it from range until it collapses.

With the special ammo being mostly spent, it''s time to switch guns. The legendary pistol makes a strong case, but the common rifle is better suited to the task ahead with its high burst damage. It''s unlikely that two legendary weapons may be passed on for a common one, but that''s likely a trap for gamers who have previously taught themselves to value rarity above production.

Find an open shack on the southwest of the graveyard on the way to the southern point. It''s got a light for Ash''s fear meter and a Shemp''s Cola on the table. Take it and drink it if Ash could improve their health.

There are a few things inside the houses in Dead End, but all of them are quite lucrative, with items such as Shemp''s Colas and ammunition there. Depending on how long your score is, you may catch up on something else. If Ash is slightly lower on supplies, feel free to explore these homes. There are a few flaws inside, but there should be no risk greater than the reward.

Ten deadites will spawn after reaching the Wiseman''s Brew, as well as with the first point, before moving on. Also, a shovel combination of light attack, button prompt, and heavy attack will kill the smaller deadites before they can get a swing in.

This time, only one mini-bosses will spawn, but he''s a bit different from the previous mini-bosses. He uses a hatchet and attacks like most other deadites but he''s very resistant to melee attacks. Thankfully, the shotgun''s clip is five, so he''ll go down without any problems.

Before heading out, go inside a Dead End house, grab a Shemp''s Cola, drink it, and wait until Ash''s fear bar will empty again. The mission will come to an end immediately after grabing the next Wiseman''s Brew, so don''t run down when it comes to health.

The last bottle of the eastern location, unlike the other Wiseman''s Brews, does not lead to a fight. Before you kick the counter, a charging mini-boss with tons of health workers waits for Ash. Unfortunately for him, he''s not seeing the front window and the door. Before you go inside, throw him down with a rifle.

Snag the brew, and this is the final part of the mission!

Evil Dead: The Game was first released on May 13th and 2022, and is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.