How To Counteract The "Kill 'Em All" Third Mission in Evil Dead The Game

How To Counteract The "Kill 'Em All" Third Mission in Evil Dead The Game ...

The first two missions in Evil Dead: The Game have a few bumps in the road, but nothing that a few hours of gameplay can''t handle. The third mission is what has the entire community really struggling. Despite a full day of gaming, many players are dissatisfied and don''t know how to progress.

It involves two key players: a time limit and two very nasty bosses. But don''t throw in the towel on finishing the Evil Dead: The Game campaign yet. While it may be difficult for an entire team to knock out, a single player who has the right strategy can get this done with time and health to spare.

How To Beat "Kill ''''Em All!"

Before getting into the car, players will have to make a great (and quick) start. Three Shemp''s Colas, three amulets (use one) and a lot of ammunition are among the items listed below.

If this takes more than two minutes, simply start over and pick them up quicker for the next time. There''s no need to rush and miss any of these items of equipment. The first owner can quickly require the use of all of these items.

If players get too close to it, there is a tree that attacks. It may not seem like too big of a deal, but every element of health is important, therefore be cautious.

Get in the car and drive to the first point, making the journey easier. If the car survives the mission, the time limit should be no issue, but it breaks down pretty easily, so don''t run into anything except deadites on purpose. Park at the intersections before making the last turn right.

Go straight for the objective and prepare for a battle. Luckily, the area by the point has plenty of light, thus Ash''s worry should decrease during this confrontation.

These deadites die in one headshot or two body shots, but they explode upon their death, so use the legendary rifle to kill them from afar. Ideally, players won''t have lost much health, but a couple of hits will likely have used up an amulet, thus use one to restore the shield to full potential.

Before returning to the automobile, grab the ammunition next to the scarecrow and on the wooden platform with the hay.

There isn''t a quiet road that goes straight to the point, so there will be a bit of a shortcut. On the south side of Dead End, there are two houses with some fencing, but the fences don''t damage the car. Plow through them, then use the road leading north to reach the point.

Look to the left and see an open shed. Pick up a lumberjack axe. There is also a bat and a hammer, but they don''t do as much damage. Now get to the point.

Ash has to kill nine deadites, with eight of them being the same as before, easily dispatched with the rifle at a distance. One of these is a boss who will likely take most (or all) of the Shemp''s Colas. This boss is extremely resistant to ranged attacks, deals ranged damage, and spawns clones that close the gap on Ash rapidly. That means that you can be certain that you enter the room safely.

Kill the clones when they spawn, otherwise Ash will be surrounded. Only return off to drink an amulet or drink another Shemp''s Cola or if the boss glows as this is a sign of a small area of effect damage.

Before you depart, get into the open shed and pull the fear meter out. Finally, get into the car and take the road to the final destination at the Fairview Campground. There is a lot of ammunition and a Shemp''s Cola (as well as a handaxe that is a severe drop from the current axe, leave it alone).

Start by removing the three regular deadites. Make sure the boss has only three actions to keep an eye on. This final manager will teleport to an area close to Ash. If Ash does get away, it will try a melee attack. It can be very easily blocked by getting behind one of the campers.

The player should follow a simple flow after the boss teleports, run behind a camper, and get a few shots in with the rifle. Then the boss will port close to Ash again, repeating the pattern until it''s down. Congratulations on winning this tough mission!

The game Evil Dead: The Game was first released on May 13th, 2022, and is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.