Kim Kardashian wants to have a kid with her boyfriend Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian wants to have a kid with her boyfriend Pete Davidson ...

Update on Kim Kardashian: It''s very difficult to start a new life together with a stranger is a real pleasure to many people. And we all know that we have celebrities who have failed in their previous relationships and now they try very hard to provide time to their current ones.

Because of this, they also try to establish a family with their current partners in order to keep them healthy.

We cannot forget about Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Davidson, who is right now in discussions about their romance and wants to have children.

Kim Kardashian has always been a loving mother to her kids and maybe that is why she is in news about having kids with her boyfriend. So Kim Kardashian has not ruled out the possibility of having children with Pete Davidson.

The couple is very keen together and is attempting to spend as much as they can together. On the one hand, Pete Davidson is also trying to spend some time with Kim Kardashian''s kids.

Kim Kardashian, a 41-year-old reality show star, is dating Davidson. According to some sources, Kim is contemplating discussing with their mother of Davidson whether or not she is having children.

She knows how Amy Davidson wants to have Grandkids, and while Kim Kardashian is aware that Pete Davidson himself wants to become a father one day.

According to a source, Pete Davidson is spending some time with Kim Kardashian''s children, and it proves how extraordinary a father he may be in the future.

Right now, he is getting closed with North. The couple played together and Pete Davidson himself becomes the kid sometimes.

Kim Kardashian would not be able to have a child in her womb, and her boyfriend is aware of it. Perhaps that is why they would go for a surrogate to have a child.

Kim can say no to having more kids, according to the source. She is still young and loves being a mother. She knows the benefits of growing children and she can help them navigate this journey as well. She has been doing it for over a decade and is well educated.