Elden Ring's favourite boss and character was revealed in a survey by the players

Elden Ring's favourite boss and character was revealed in a survey by the players ...

A new Elden Ring survey was conducted to discover what players like and dislike about one of the best PC PC games, with the results giving a good idea of which character is everyone''s favorite, which one of the Elden Ring bosses is best, and how many people played Dark Souls beforehand.

Famitsu of Japan conductedthesurvey of fantasy gamesplayer preferences last month, and the results were published in the most recent issue (via Frontline Japan). While they were just for fun, they gave a good idea of what the players liked most.

Ranni the Witch was the most famous NPC in Elden Ring, with the giant pot-boy Alexander and wolf-man Blaidd trailing a distant second and third. The best of the Elden Ring classes, apparently, is Vagabond, although Starscourge Redahn was very close due to players interacting with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The greatest Elden Ring weapon over greatswords was katanas, with Bloodhounds Step winning a crushing victory as the favourite Ashes of WarandComet Azur becoming the top sorcery or incantation. Unsurprisingly, the ridiculously powerful Mimic Tear was the most powerful spirit ash summon.

Most interesting of all is the discovery that a large amount of Elden Rings players hadnttouched a previous FromSoftware game like Bloodborne, Sekiro, or another Dark Souls series. About half of the 1,700 players reported they had played Dark Souls 1 or 2, Demons Souls, or Sekiro. Just over a thousand people said they had played Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne still only 58-60%.

For a large amount of players, the hype for Elden Ring is manifesting to be too wreaking havoc. Here''s why we believe that hype is justified.

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