New Gameplay Footage for Digimon Survive

New Gameplay Footage for Digimon Survive ...

Last month, Digimon Survive received an official release date. Fans were applauded after four years of abuse and repeated interruptions that prompted worries the game might be stuck in development hell. However, worries were calmed and the game is gearing up for the July 29 release, with a new trailer being released (via Gematsu).

During Rulicon 2022, Bandai Namco and developer Hyde demonstrated new gameplay footage. Various movements, menus, and stats were shown, as well as a battle between Dokugumon and Agumon. The animations look quite similar to the previously described anime series.

The first Digimon Survive video has been canceled since 2018, due to a variety of pandemic-related issues and as development developed to a new team. The game sees you playing as a group of high schoolers traveling across the country who stumble into the world of Digimon. The students are then saved by friendly Digimon who then collaborate to assist them find their way home. The content (below) is now available on Ruliweb, with gameplay footage starting at the 2:23-minute mark.

While Digimon Survive has potential, our lead features editor is concerned that the delays might have caused a tragic scar on the game. "The project has seen a shift in developers, a lack of communication with players, and additional delays, according to one part of me. However, with this new gameplay footage, Digimon fans may once again be enticed, even if English-localized footage hasn''t been shown off.

Fans will have a lot of time to wait. Digimon Survive will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Steam on July 29 worldwide, whereas those in Japan will receive it one day earlier.