Deathloop Gets A Photo Mode And More Accessibility Options

Deathloop Gets A Photo Mode And More Accessibility Options ...

Arkane''s Deathloop has received its third major update for PS5 and PC, including a photo mode, and a host of accessibility features. The photo mode also has a set of poses, filters, and stickers that can be easily accessible only in one player mode. In addition to changing your clothes, the mode will also allow you to swap between Colt and Julianna.

"This Photo Mode is such a fantastic way to enable our players to get creative by using Deathloop''s unique techniques and levels," according to producer Jeremy Leuliet on the Bethesda website. Our players are aware that the only creative limitations of Arkane are defined by our imaginations. We are very excited to see how deep the players will dive into all of the options and what they will develop.

One of the most important challenges was to adapt Photo Mode for a first-person shooter where your character isn''t shown apart from the hands and weapons, according to Leuliet. We wanted to provide the best possible experience for this mode and took the time to playtested it thoroughly and even asked for feedback from players who are adept in converting different Photo Modes to different games. We took a lot of time testing Photo Mode and added a lot of additional options for the player to make it even more fun and funnier.

Over 30 new features have been introduced in the menu, from menu navigation improvements and interface options to gameplay options. A separate Accessibility category in the menu includes all of these options. Additional difficulty options, increasing the number of Reprises, and slowing down the game speed are among the options available. On the back of these new HUD and subtitle options, however, the developers have also introduced some new features.

"One of the things we didn''t anticipate when starting on accessibility features was how some of these options might be useful and fun for everyone," said studio director Dinga Bakaba. I prefer slow-mo, which allows everyone to make otherwise fast-paced chain of actions, and Reprise count, which allows you to experiment without losing the character. Instead, you can use the Reprise count to make the game more challenging by completely turning Reprises off.