In throwback pictures, Carrie Ann Inaba looks so different

In throwback pictures, Carrie Ann Inaba looks so different ...

Carrie Ann Inaba is well known for her stunning appearance, but her appearance has changed a lot since she first started on Dancing with the Stars.

On the celebrity ballroom show, Inaba has dominated a variety of hairstyles throughout her 30 seasons, but there is a reason for her permanent appearance. Inaba, who was diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders in August 2020, informed supporters that medications she was taking had affected her hair''s health, but that she did not wear wigs until January. A few months later, Inaba began regularly wearing wigs on DWTS.

I needed to use a medication that might cause hair damage, so we planned a season of mostly wigs just in case, according to Parade in November 2020. I had too many side effects when I took the medications, so I had to stop it for a moment, but we were already prepared with a plan.

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At the time, Inaba told People that she wanted to have more fun and take her style to the next level for the live ballroom show. I got to experiment with my appearances in ways I never knew existed, and it gave me a creative outlet that I hadn''t met in a while.

In pre-DWTS photos, Carrie Ann Inaba looks dramaticly different.

When Dancing With the Stars premiered in 2005, Inaba will celebrate her 55th birthday in January 2023, per IMDb. Inaba has barely inherited, but her appearance has certainly changed over the years.

Inaba wore a striped dress during the opening of Astra West, a catering venue at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California, in 2002, according to a pre-DWTS photograph. Inaba also arrived at the ABCs Television Critics Association party with her hair removed.

In photos taken in 2005, Inaba wore a metallic dress to the VH1 Big in 05 Awards. Inaba wore jeans and a sleeveless red top to the film Thumbsucker''s premiere.

In Tokyo, Carrie Ann Inaba previously featured a photo from Her Days as a Pop Star.

Carrie Ann Inaba (@carrieanninaba) shared a post.

Inaba shared a throwback photo from 1986 in April 2022. In the photo, the future DWTS star had bangs and shorter hair as she posed wearing an embellished jacket, complete with shoulder pads from the 1980s. Inaba later revealed that the photo was taken in Tokyo in 1986, when she was a teen pop star.

Then there''s the start, and she captioned the pic. Tokyo 1986. I was a recording artist/pop star in Japan. Signed to Virgin Records. This was my first performance on the hit show, YORU NO HIT STUDIO DX.

This was an amazing performance that sounded like the Grammys, but she did it a lot every week.

Inaba revealed that the experience on the music show reintroduced her to live mode of television that she still enjoys till today.

Inaba appeared on several shows during her heyday as a young pop singer, including Party Girl and Be Your Girl. By 1990, she was a dancing Fly Girl on the Fox variety show In Living Color.