Kristen Doute Explains Why She Fancy Stassi Schroeders Wedding

Kristen Doute Explains Why She Fancy Stassi Schroeders Wedding ...

On May 12, 2022, Kristen Doute revealed the reason why she was not present at Stassi Schroeders'' lavish wedding in Rome.

The former Vanderpump Rules star was not part of her previous European appearance, which included Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, as well as podcast host Taylor Strecker, who called the nuptials according to Us Weekly.

Schroeder and Clark renewed their vows in Rome on May 12th. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the couple had originally planned to tie the knot in the Italian city in October 2020. In September 2020, they exchanged vows in a secret backyard ceremony, whereas Schroeder was pregnant with their daughter, Hartford.

Kristen Doute Posted a Message About the Schroeders Wedding and Explained Why She Wasn''t There

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Doute was part of the Witches of WeHo trio with Maloney, which included a wine line during their season on Vanderpump Rules. They both fell in love following their departure from the Bravo reality show in June 2020.

While Schroeder was hosting a bachelorette dinner with her best girls at an Italian restaurant in Rome, Doute was living in California, posting Instagram videos of her watching Shark Tank and going to the gym. I had a few things festeringtook it out on the gym (and it felt amazing) and Doute captioned a pic following her exercise.

Fans began to speculate about Doutes'' absence from the Rome wedding festivities, but she began posting Instagram stories and photos that she was contemplating traveling to Hawaii with her boyfriend, Alex Menache.

Doute received a congratulatory message to Schroeder on her Instagram story. Look at this ethereal beauty! @stassischroeder.

A fan asked Doute her point-blank why she wasn''t at the wedding of Schroeders after posting photos of her Hawaiian vacation on Instagram.

I was so sorry I didn''t miss Rome, but we have a wedding here we had already booked!Doute replied. Im soo happy she got her dream wedding.

Doute attended Schroeders'' first wedding in 2020. At the time, she posted an Instagram photo as she appeared with her then-pregnant pal and captioned it. After all, I was invited to the wedding!

Simultaneously, Schroeder wrote about their dismal behavior in her Glamour bridal video in February 2020.

I just cannot know yet, but my heart wants Kristen there, according to Schroeder at the time. But I have no idea how this year will go. I have no idea how this year will be, and I am not sure how this season will be going. We might end up watching this season of Vanderpump Rules and becoming even more disgruntled. And why would I invite someone who is ok to one of my most important moments of my life?

Other Vanderpump Rules stars have been removed from the guest list for the Rome wedding.

Stassi Schroeder Clark posts a post (@stassischroeder)

While Doute seemed to receive an invite, others VPR stars simply didn''t make the cut, according to an insider. Stassi had to cut down her guest list. Some of her relatives, including Scheana [Shay, have been dismissed.

Shay was disinvited from the nuptials according to Page Six despite being budgetary. Scheana was originally supposed to go, but at some point, she was disinvited, according to an insider told the outlet. It was only for budget reasons, although it didn''t even appear she was buying it.

A source claims that Tom Sandoval, a long-time Vanderpump Rules co-star, was not invited to the wedding. And Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, who attended Schroeder and Clarks'' first wedding in 2020, were also staying in California this time around.