Reviews of The Time Travelers Wife: A wibbly wobbly, timey wimey wuv tale

Reviews of The Time Travelers Wife: A wibbly wobbly, timey wimey wuv tale ...

The Time Travelers Wife is a science fiction romantic drama written by Steven Moffat on the same name. It will premiere on HBO on May 15, 2022. The time travelers wife is a love story that revolves around Clare''s marriage to henrys during time travel.

Release Date

The Time Travelers Wife will be available for the US audiences on May 15, 2022, on HBO and HBO max. The series will be released in the United Kingdom on Monday, May 16, 2022, and Desmin Borges and Natasha Lopez were also cast in the series.


After the successful publication of the series, everyone thought it was more like a scientific series, but HBO now releases the first trailer for The Time Travelers Wife, confirming that the whole series revolves around a love story.

Cast of series

  • Rose Leslie will be seen as Clare Abshire
  • Theo James is playing the role of Henry DeTamble
  • Brian Altemus & Jason David both will be playings Young Henry DeTamble
  • Desmin Borges is playing the role of Gomez, Natasha Lopez is coming as Charisse
  • Michael Park will be seen as Philip Abshire
  • Jaime Ray Newman will appear as Lucille Abshire
  • Taylor Richardson can be seen as Alicia Abshire
  • Peter Graham has been cast as Mark Abshire
  • Kate Siegel has been cast Annette DeTamble
  • Josh Stamberg has been cast Richard DeTamble
  • Chelsea Frei has been cast Ingrid
  • Marcia DeBonis has been cast Nell
  • Will Brill has been cast Ben

In an interview with Rose Leslie who plays the role of Claire Abshire, asked what inspired you to play Clare in The Time Travelers Wife?

Rose Leslie: I always find it fascinating that she was half of the time-traveling couple. I thought that this was a really good hook in, just because of [it]heart.

Clare has experienced something unique in her childhood, but something phenomenally exciting but also extremely complex has happened to her, and how she then develops as a character. Henry, from a very early age, has a major role in her life.

Then we see her develop into an artist and sculptor, and how that informs her work, and how she realizes that she is committed to this life of uncertainty. Yet she is also quite capable to manifest an extraordinary amount of patience, and I just thought [those were] remarkable qualities in a character and very, very fun.