Elden Ring's finest construction

Elden Ring's finest construction ...

Are you looking for the best Elden Ring builds? Now that the latest patch has pulled some of the most popular builds, it''s time to take a step back and consider where to spend your hard earned runes. The first 20 levels in your Elden Ring class are, therefore it''s important to select your stats carefully. Although it may be tempting to place some stat points into faith as an Astrologer, youe better off committing to the full sorcery build in order to maximize your damage in the late game

What are the best Elden Ring builds? Well some builds like the Hoarfrost Stomp build aren''t as powerful as they used to, but new ones are rising to their heights, such as the Swarm of Flies. If you have discovered that your build has been nerfed, do not fear grab a certain Elden Ring Great Rune and you''ll be able to restore character respec.

These Elden Rings deep character customization options make this RPG game so special, but if you want to destroy your enemies with ease, you need to make the most powerful build. Here''s what you need to know about the Elden Ring builds, including where to allocate your stat points and which items you should find.

These are the finest Elden Ring designs:

  • Swarm of Flies
  • Glass Cannon Mage
  • Blood Loss Samurai
  • Fires Deadly Sin Prophet

The most common Elden Ring finishes around level 120 140, so you were going to break down the most important stats you need by the time you reached level 120. Make sure you obtain the required amount of stats for your build, spend the rest of your stats in these three areas: Vigor, Mind, and Endurance. It is important to remember that Vigor is 60, and Endurance is 32.

Swarm of Flies

Starting Class:Bandit, Hero Key Stats: Strength 24, Arcane 27 Spell: Swarm of Flies Essential Items: Lord of Bloods Exultation, Dragon Communion seal, Mohgwyns Sacred Spear, or similar weapon

This is a new bleeding build that has grown to prominence since the 1.03 patch, and that may serve as a fun alternative to the Blood Loss Samurai build below. The lynchpin is the Swarm of Flies incantation, which on its own is just a ridiculously powerful spell that shoots out a swarm of blood-sucking flies that causes bleeding damage.

You will need to enter the River of Blood and head north, and this is because it is in a cave on the right-hand side. This build combines the Arcane stat, with a seal, which you can get from the Fringefolk Heros Grave, which is right below the game. We recommend RageGamingVideos for a detailed walkthrough.

The Lord of Bloods Exhultationtalisman is a major component, which increases attack force by 20% every time someone has blood loss inflicted on them, whether it be you or your opponent. This is available at Esgar, the Priest of Blood in the Catacombs.

Swarm of Flies is a ranged spell, and will not be able to assist you if you get attacked at close quarters, therefore you will need a weapon to help. Mohgwyns Sacred Spear is a powerful alternative to Bloodboon Ritual, which also deals fire damage. The Rivers of Blood katana is also a powerful addition, because it also inflicts blood damage build up. You will need a weapon that scales with Arcane and Strength to

Aside from that, you may also wish to consider items that help with incantation FP costs, since you will be burning through a lot of FP just on Swarm of Flies.

Glass Cannon Mage

Moonveil Katana, Lusats Glintstone Staff, Cerulean Hidden Tear Best Spells: Comet Azur, Terra Magicus Join Our Classes now!

The Glass Cannon Mage does more damage than anything other game, but you will be extremely distressing as a result. If a random enemy manages to attack you while youre fighting against a boss, there''s a good chance youre will die. Not every fight will be a complete walk in the park, but the ones that are going to be over in seconds.

Once you get access to Comet Azur and the Cerulean Hidden Tear, this build becomes borderline broken. We recommend you use our Elden Ring spells guide to show exactly where you can find Comet Azur.

The Cerulean Hidden Tear is needed to make your way to Mt. Gelmir and defeat the Uncerated Tree Spirit found near the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace. This Elden Ring crystal tear prevents all FP consumption when combined with a number of powerful spells like Comet Azur and Meteorite of Astel. Make sure you have the best Elden Ring spirit summons to distract any adversaries so your spells reach their target.

For your spells, we recommend picking up Lusats Glintstone staff from Sellia, in the Town of Sorcery. This staff is available as a reward for defeating the Nox Swordstress and Nox Priest boss. It also enhances the power of all sorceries, but provides additional FP.

The Moonveil Katana is essential for your main hand weapon, which is far too costly to use in its current state, and it is perfect with the intelligence stat to increase damage output. Battle against the Magma Wyrm at the Gael Tunnel in Caelid to receive this weapon as a drop.

Blood Loss Samurai

Dexterity 55, Strength 40 Essential Items in the Starting Class:Samurai (with the Seppuku Ashes of War), Lord of Bloods Exultation, White Mask, and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

This effect, which involves a few slashes, may be the most fun players can have in Elden Ring with melee weapons. However, opponents instantly lose significant amounts of their health by filling up their haemorrhage bar. This effect does not match Seppuku, the primary Ash of War option for the Blood Loss Samurai. Huge shout outs to RageGamingVideos for highlighting this fantastic build.

As it starts with one Uchigatana already, there is only one other Uchigatana in the game, living in the Deathtouched Catacombs in Limgrave. To get these weapons to new heights, equip them with the Ash of War: Seppuku to drastically increase their attack power while adding blood loss to each attack.

Visit the Freezing Lake in the Giants Mountains, and discover the invisible scarabs footsteps near a tree take down the scarab to earn the Ash of War. Before you apply it to your weapon, be sure to repeat the Ash of War at a Blacksmith to apply it to both katanas.

If you want to increase damage output, you would need a powerful talisman. Head to the Leyndell Catacombs and make your way to the end to battle Esgar, the Priest of Blood. Esgar drops the Lord of Bloods Exultation talisman, increasing your attack power by 20% whenever a nearby player or enemy is infected with blood loss. This buff is almost always active as Seppuku initiates a temporary bleed effect after use.

The Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, which was purchased after completeing Millicents quest line. This talisman increases your attack power with successive attacks, perfect for a dual Uchigatana build. Finally, the White Mask, which can be seen as a drop from one of the National Guard invaders near the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace. The effect on this mask works just like the Lord of Bloods Exultation talisman, increasing your attack power

Fires Deadly Sin Prophet

Strength 30, Faith 80 Essential Items: Fires Deadly Sin, Erdtree Greatshield, Old Lords Talisman Starting Class:Prophet Key Stats

This is another incredible build, some might say broken, even. It used to be a lot worse, but the 1.03 patch nerfed Deathblight, so one component of this combo is still extremely powerful, though. We would like to thank KhrazeGaming for allowing this PvP interaction to be later patched out, although the Deathblight effect does not work as previously mentioned.

The Fires Deadly Sin incantation is very useful in most combat situations, but when combined with the Erdtree Greatshield, you may find it by completeing the Flightless Bird painting puzzle in West Lyendell. Next up, you need to make your way to the long set of stairs in Altus Plateau, where the Tree Sentinel Duo reside. This boss drops the greatshield.

This build is great because you don''t need to use a primary weapon. The initial stat requirements for the Erdtree Greatshield are surprisingly low, giving you access to this combo by the mid game. This activates the Erdtree Greatshield''s Golden Retaliation skill, making the shield a machine gun.

The Golden Retaliation allows you to return spells to your opponent, but Fires Deadly Sin counts as an enemy spell, which is why weve put so many points into Faith for this build. You can increase the duration of the incantation by picking up the Old Lords Talisman located in a chest in Crumbling Farum Azula.

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Those are the best Elden Ring builds ever made so far. It''s time to start picking out some classic threads. Read our best Elden Ring armor sets guide to get yourself dressed and ready to go. Now that youre all has been set up and ready to go, it''s time to take on every Elden Ring boss with ease.