Elden Ring: 5 Things You Didn't Know About The Erdtree

Elden Ring: 5 Things You Didn't Know About The Erdtree ...

Elden Ring gained a prominent following its release, bringing back many of its users and critics. With these games, a key to game development is that this new FromSoftware title is filled to the brigade, enticing environments and unique structures. Most of these locations keep their lore hidden under the surface.

The famous Erdtree has already surpassed the ranks of the most recognizable gaming monuments in history. It is distinguished from every corner of the map, indicating the Golden Order''s ascendency as well. It is astonishingly majestic as it may be, and its history is quite tumultuous and rich in hidden secrets.

5 Erdtree Roots Feed Off the Dead

Elden Ring''s story and the world''s lore is shaped by death. In the world envisioned by George R. Martin, Destined Death was the indiscriminate, real death that cannot be controlled. Marika, however, had not only gained control over who lives or dies, but also increased the number of unintentional people.

Certain groups, such as the Merchants or the Tarnished, may never die and are forever enticed to roam the Lands Between in a turbulent cycle of death and rebirth. Those still led by Grace return to the Erdtree upon death to strengthen its parasitic roots. This process is evident by the piles of the nobles'' corpses laid out at the root of the Erdtree in the game''s main catacombs.

4 It''s a Physical Manifestation of The Greater Will

The Greater Will does not include just the Erdtree, but it doesn''t imply that Elden Ring''s iconic monument is linked to the lands between itself and the mystical force that makes shots.

The Erdtree is inhabited by the Elden Ring itself as well as Marika''s imprisonment. Moreover, the Greater Will uses the tree to communicate with the outside world via the Two Fingers and the Finger Reader Crones. Moreover, the Erdtree is executing the Greater Will''s orders by actively affecting the world, whether it''s by Grace or controlling death itself.

After the storm, the Erdtree lost an awful lot of its power.

The Elden Ring''s Shattering marked the beginning of the Golden Order''s slain fall. After Queen Marika destroyed the titular ring and scattered its pieces across the Lands Between in the form of runes, the Erdtree greatly impacted, limiting its ability to fulfill the greater Will''s wishes.

After being shattered, the Erdtree was removed from the Elden Ring, thus unable to cover the Lands Between in the golden aura of Grace. Upon closer observation, players may notice cracks all over the Erdtree, indicating that the tree had decreased, and that it began to fall after the Shattering.

2 The Great Tree Came Before The Erdtree

The Erdtree is a parasitic organism that once lived by encircling the inhabitants of the Lands Between, while having their souls and bodies support its massive root network upon death. However, this is not the only instance of the Erdtree exhibiting a hostile behavior.

The Erdtree actually replaced the Great Tree, which was a powerful force in the Lands Between before the establishment of the Golden Order. Item descriptions of the Crucible Tree Helm, Root Resin, and the Knot Talisman reveal that the Great Tree was an ancient force that housed the primordial Crucible, with the Crucible Knights being its last defenses and only remaining servants of this long-forgotten tree.

The Lands Between The Erdtree and Golden Order "Conquered"

The lands between the early days of Marika the Eternal''s Golden Order and the Erdtree''s primacy were plagued with conquest and intense sieging of Leyndell, bringing many factions together, including the Carian royalty, the Stormlord (residing in the Stormveil Castle) and the Giants.

The Lands Between''s new rulers was largely delighted by neither of these factions. Years of conflict erupted when Marika chose Hoarah Loux to take on the name of Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and over the course of several campaigns, managed to bend all of the fighting to the Erdtree''s will.

Elden Ring was first released on February 25, 2022, and is now available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.