Natalie Portman's Goofy Nature will be highlighted in Thor: Love And Thunder

Natalie Portman's Goofy Nature will be highlighted in Thor: Love And Thunder ...

Natalie Portman''s infamous love interest will be shown off in the highly-anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder. The upcoming fourth Thor film will feature the revival of Portman''s astrophysicist and Thor''s famous love interest, Dr. Jane Foster.

Portman had previously no role in any Marvel Cinematic Universe film since 2013s Thor: The Dark World. However, she was soon featured in the archive footage in Avengers: Endgame. Still, Thor: Love and Thunder will make Portman''s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after nearly a decade. In the latest superhero flick, she uses Thor''s enchanted weapon, Mjolnir, to take the mantle of the Mighty Thor. Portman was born in Hollywood and was when she was twelve years

Portman was quickly one of the most well-known dramatic actresses of her time, leading her to a long-successful career in Hollywood, according to Taika Waititi. He previously said that the upcoming film might just be the chance Portman had to take on her more humorous side. He said that Natalie is kind of funny in real life. I think that was enough in the first films.

Portman has had very few opportunities to showcase her more romantic side as a result of her. She did play in the fantasy series Your Highness as well as the romantic drama No Strings Attached, but both films sadly received overwhelming negative feedback from audiences and critics.

Waititi is well-known for his passion for quirky comedy in his 2019 vampire horror comedy, What We Do in the Shadows. Its evident that if any director can bring out Portman''s fady nature, Waititi is the guy for the job. It''s a delight to see Portman tap into her comedic side.

The theatrical debut of Thor: Love and Thunder will be held on July 8th and 2022.