Another Classic Map Is Coming To Call of Duty Mobile Very Soon

Another Classic Map Is Coming To Call of Duty Mobile Very Soon ...

Call of Duty: Mobile has slowly but surely advanced to a point where one might consider it to be a collection of the franchise''s most popular features in terms of content. Unlikelyly, Mobile is getting a wide variety of classic, well-known Call of Duty content from previous home console entries, and this is likely to continue for the near future.

Another major benefit for Call of Duty: Mobile is that developers interact with the community on the game''s officially-supported subreddit, where recent news rumors suggest something exciting might be coming out in the near future. Namely, one developer has stated that the team has another classic COD map from a previous franchise release.

Another classic, yet certainly well-known multiplayer map from COD''s history will be joining Shipment''s rendition. The developer who said the team has already discovered another classic map, however, said it should be copied and adjusted from a game that is more than 10 years old, although it might not be published in the near future.

Note that this doesn''t necessarily despise the idea of adding Verdansk to Call of Duty: Mobile. It''s entirely possible that the new classic map might not be implemented in the future for several weeks and months, and the possibility of conversion of Verdansk might very well begin in the interim, although it goes without saying that a single survey does not necessarily mean it''s all set in stone.

This particular version of the game has shown a lot of appreciation for classic COD content, from its fan-favorite levels, to all the classic weapons being added to COD: Mobile. The fact that the particular level in question has to be more than 10 years old means it''s coming from COD: Ghosts or older, and chances are that the developer does it with proper care.

While Call of Duty: Mobile is widely used on iOS and Android phones, the situation isn''t quite as clear-cut on home consoles and PCs. While the majority of the franchise''s community is eager to hear any future calls, some have said that Modern Warfare 2 isn''t working for them at this time. This is not the case for now, but it''s worthwhile keeping a pinch of salt at hand.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on iOS and Android devices.