How To Beat The "It's Not Gonna Let Us Go" Fourth Mission in Evil Dead The Game

How To Beat The "It's Not Gonna Let Us Go" Fourth Mission in Evil Dead The Game ...

Beating the first mission in Evil Dead: The Game will be a major achievement. As well as it should, it has the toughest battle in the game in it. However, that doesn''t mean things are easier in the fourth mission. However, the non-combat problems have just begun.

This quest is a fantastic mix of fun and fun in Evil Dead: The Game, demonstrating that it''s more than a fun little hack ''n'' slash. This guide will guide anyone from beginning to end, ensuring that Pablo and Ash escape the town with nothing but perished deadites.

How To Beat "It''''s Not Gonna Let Us Go!"

Although the car is the first thing marked, it is dead to the house directly in front of Pablo to get a little more educated. Enter from the lake on the right side (it''s not deep enough to sink into) grab a Shemp''s Cola on the picnic table and an amulet on several boxes next to it. Go ahead and use the amulet right away.

Be sure to get all of the ammunition, even the stuff in red. Pablo will be switching weapons on this mission, so it''s nice to have the ammunition for new guns already put out.

There is a choice of a revolver, a pistol, or a rifle. The revolver is statistically superior and handles better for the next few goals, so take that one and leave the rest. Now head to the car and reach the next checkpoint.

For the sake of decreasing the fear meter, automobiles do not count as well-lit areas. Nevertheless, be sure to hang out indoors long enough to empty the meter and make the driving portion of the mission as straightforward as possible.

There are several low-level deadites to be clear at this first point.

There are many vehicles in this mission, but not another one nearby, so be cautious that Pablo may have to walk on foot for a while. Remember that Pablo does not yet have access to a melee weapon, so any deadites taken out will likely need to be dispatched with the revolver. This way, exit the car a safe distance, then pick them off one by one (headshots are instant kills).

Some of the deadites will have dropped machetes and pick up one for future melee encounters. Wait around here for the fear meter to empty out. Take the ammunition from the camping area and get next to the chainsaw to trigger the next location objective marker.

The car will be ambushed by deadites at the next objective. Keep driving past them; if the car is stopped or slow next to deadites, the car will be instantly destroyed. Use the machete to trap any stragglers, which can kill any minion with a two light hits and a button prompt.

Pablo will be deposed by five dead people once inside the glowing red house. None of them are above the minion level, so get rid of them with ease. One of them will drop a Shemp''s Cola, pick that up. There are no more tricks here, snag El Brujo''s Amulet, wait for the fear meter to empty, and return to the next location.

Amulet of El Brujo claims that it traps Pablo, but that in certain areas, Pablo will have to fight deadites as usual. However, Pablo is only seen when he gets too close to the front side of a deadite. These waves of enemies have bosses that accompany them. This is the third mission, and it''s difficult to survive, and fighting two or more is essentially over.

Don''t be afraid to kill any people on the Railway Loop, but rather get to Ash''s hand without making a fuss. It''ll go to Dead End.

In Dead End, there is a boss who walks the street. Do not enter the house from the front or otherwise this cloning boss will attack. Instead, enter from the back and get to the hand.

A rare meat cleaver is tempting, but the common machete is quite effective for the task ahead, so stick with this melee weapon. Grab the weapon and see Ash''s location as you get it.

Jake''s Gan ''N Go is a bit of a hike, but there is a light stop just outside. Take the meter away and prepare for some stealth. If Pablo is seen here, chances of survival are minimal.

Although the south, west, and east sides are more well-lit and welcoming, there are still deities that can see Pablo here. Look around to the north side where a patrolling guard takes aback.

Wait for his back to turn, then rush in and find Ash. Pick up the amulet next to him, wait for the fear meter to run out, and then go to the next checkpoint.

Pablo has to get gas while Ash gets a car ready. Beating the second mission in any order, but this time the gas can locations are only revealed one at a time. Enter the Junkyard from the south and hug the left wall behind the buildings. There is a patrolling guard at the front, wait for it to move away.

The first guard on this path that can spot Pablo is to go straight toward the gas and pick it up (along with the Shemp''s Cola sitting next to it). Exit the way Pablo came in, envisioning the patrolling guard on the way out.

Shockley Auto is easy to get into. Use the stairs around the back to get into the second floor, pick up the water, and leave. There aren''t any deadites in this area, so don''t worry about theft.

The final gas canister does not have any guards, but it does spawn an unavoidable boss fight after picking it up. This is the entire reason the sawblade gun was removed, so don''t worry. If players beat him once, they may do it again.

Keep an eye on gas tanks (don''t worry, they don''t explode) and use them to gain cover from his attacks. If Pablo stays next to him, he''ll start a melee attack. After completion of the ranged attack, he should run away and behind a canister. When the ranged attack gets resolved, wait for him to teleport and repeat the sequence.

After arriving at the point, it''s time to escape, hang out by the building, empty Pablo''s fear meter, then go for the checkpoint. No longer is combat to be done after arriving at the point, so use an amulets or Shemp''s Colas. Ash will be waiting in a car, hop on in.

The driving sequence is non-stricken, but it is lengthy and worries will increase, so use a matchstick and get Pablo''s fear meter to zero again before hopping inside. Always avoid moving to the main roads but avoid putting them down in danger. This is a well-earned victory for the car as long as the car is on the road and moving fast enough so deadites can''t get in.

The game Evil Dead: The game was first released on May 13th, 2022, and is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.