Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Were Seen Twinning At The Premiere Of Good Mourning

Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Were Seen Twinning At The Premiere Of Good Mourning ...

At Good Mourning''s premiere, machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox have been seen. Celebrities couples have set a major goal for everyone in the world. They know how to give a perfect appearance at any public event and at the same time how to keep their relationship private.

Most Hollywood celebrities are expert in these matters. And that is why they see them twinning with each other at any event. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were both engaged.

When Machine Gun Kelly and his girlfriend Megan Fox appeared at the film''s premiere, we have seen these couples Twinning with each other and looking so much in love. They have also seen them performing at a number of awards and other shows.

Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox Were Seen Twinning at a Good Mourning Premiere

Talking about this couple''s appearance on the 12th May, they both looked very attractive in pink. The premiere was held at the West Hollywood London Hotel.

The 35-year-old actress was seen wearing a pink sparkly gown with an aside cut to her thighs. Her hair was open and curled from the front. She was very classy based on the dress she was wearing. She went with her high platform Heels with a stunning pair of earrings.

He was completely looking energetic in his hot pink suit that is of silk. He was wearing black and white shoes with high platforms. The rose print was taken on his suit. He was wearing Pink which suits him the best.

On the red carpet, the couple was seen greeting other celebrities, including co-director and costar Mod Sun. Boo Johnson, Jenna Boyd, GaTa, and Zach Villa are all among the stars.

When it comes to a film titled Good Mourning, then it is about a movie star who is known as London Clash. Machine Gun Kelly portrays the character in London Clash, who is transformed by a text that he writes.

jThe character is depressed as it was a bad time for a breakup because on that day a meeting was scheduled related to his career. So it was London who must decide which is more important whether it is his love or his film career. Megan Fox will also be there in this film and it will be released on 20 May 2022.