The Best Multiplayer Games for PlayStation Now (May 2022)

The Best Multiplayer Games for PlayStation Now (May 2022) ...

Sony''s PS Now service is often overshadowed by Microsoft''s Xbox Game Pass, but it is not difficult to see why. While PS Now has a much larger library, Xbox Game Pass''s Day 1 versions make it a much more interesting experience.

Permitting that someone is not looking for PS5 games, and there is still a title for everybody. There is Silent Hill and Resident Evil. You want action? Uncharted, Devil May Cry, and Ninja Gaiden are among the games that will be available online for free. Then, the next PS5 games will be a must.

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PS Now will cease to exist on June 13, 2022, as Sony will merge the service with PS Plus. The whole details regarding the new subscription model have yet to be released, and it remains to be seen whether all of the PS Now multiplayer games on this list will still be available after the transition takes place.

Soulcalibur 6

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 7-35 Hours
Genre Fighting
Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment
File Size 10.30 GB

Soulcalibur 6 is the latest game in Bandai Namco''s popular fighting series since May 2022. The game is based on weapons-based combat, and it also includes two separate story modes. While the gameplay is complicated, Soulcalibur 6 is also accessible to newcomers, at least for those who want to get in a few hours to learn the basics.

So the game has been out for a while, so the online scene isn''t as active as it used to be. Even if the match is possible, players should be able to find one. The multiplayer is now the game''s core character, and the players who go online have often mastered all aspects. Consequently, novices should try their hand at the single-player modes before jumping online.

Team Sonic Racing

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 9-20 Hours
Genre Racing
Developer Sumo Digital
File Size 13.97 GB

Team Sonic Racing has a tough time following up with Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, who is now one of the best PS3 kart racers, but Sumo Digital''s 2019 game isn''t without its potential. It''s a multiplayer-centric experience that is based on teamwork.

Players must ensure their overall team goes well rather than throwing a hole on the finish line; therefore, someone may finish first and lose or third and win. Team Sonic Racing also has split-screen multiplayer.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 2-20 Hours
Genre Fighting
Developer nWay
File Size 612 MB

Anyone who is interested in competitive fighters will not miss this budget-fighting game from Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Although the single-player campaign is minor, PR: Battle for the Grid more than doubles its balanced roster, tight controls, and a wide spectrum of options.

PR: Battle for the Grid works great regardless of someone''s knowledge of these types of games. Before going online, you must read through the tutorials.

Friday The 13th: The Game

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Survival Horror
Developer IllFonic
File Size 3.21 GB

Friday the 13th: The Game, which is a similar multiplayer game. Eight players are dropped into one of five maps based on the movies, but one is assigned the role of Jason; naturally, their goal is to eliminate everyone before they escape or time falls short.

The Game has been launched on a bit of a rough state, which left something to be desired, but it has grown into a solid game over the years.

Longtime fans of the slasher franchise are naturally the game''s target audience, although professionals who are just interested in social-themed survival titles should try it. Today, Friday the 13th: The Game isn''t quite extremely active, but it is still possible to find matches.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 8-35
Genre Arena Fighter
Developer CyberConnect2
File Size 33.90 GB

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4''s subseries has come to an end in style, although the story mode is fairly straightforward, but it is also quite a bit of fun considering that the action is so fast-paced. The game also looks fantastic, at times eclipsing the anime.

The Online Battle mode isn''t all that powerful today, but it is still possible to find the occasional ranked match. There is also Free Battle, which allows friends to face off or even set up tournaments to decide who is truly the strongest shinobi. If someone is interested in playing through Ultimate Ninja Storm 4''s single-player content, they should try the multiplayer before their time with the game is gone.

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 10-30 Hours
Genre Rally Racing
Developer KT Racing
File Size 33 GB

WRC 10 is a niche title if there was one in April 2022. Despite being not a huge leap forward over its previous titles, fans may no longer do so until this 2021 release. WRC 10 is arguably the franchise''s most complete entry, with a lengthy career path that will delight drivers looking to go solo.

The multiplayer scene of WRC 10 is fantastic, allowing players to create their own competitions. There are also daily and weekly challenges to work towards, so there is always something to focus on.

Mortal Kombat 11

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 6-60 Hours
Genre Fighting
Developer NetherRealm Studios
File Size 39.79 GB

To get 2022 off the rails, Sony announced that Mortal Kombat 11 would be a regular addition to PS Now, alongside a slew of other games, such as Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age and the Kerbal Space Program. Debuting in 2019, Mortal Kombat 11 will slow down significantly from previous entries, restricting the gameplay to a strategic focus rather than a button mashing.

The fighting game has a fun single-player game that is over-the-top, lengthy for a fighting game, and frighteningly silly. MK11 also has a multiplayer game, which includes facing off against other players. Along with this, MK11 also has a virtual co-op, making it easier to join together and take on Team Raids.

Mount & Blade: Warband

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 100+ Hours
Genre Sandbox RPG
Developer TaleWorlds Entertainment
File Size 891 MB

While Mount & Blade: Warband seems like a title that went before, it also has a certain twist to it, particularly for those looking for a sword & shield medieval-type game. The unique-player keeps players in an unforgiving sandbox and cuts them loose so they can follow their own path. Despite the difficulties, Warband excels in creating an immersive and adaptable environment.

The multiplayer modes in the game are great, and they offer a slew of options, whether it be co-op sieges or duels. As Warband is a relatively old game, its player count is poor, however, there is a lot to keep an eye on.

Fallout 76

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 35+ Hours
Developer Bethesda Game Studios
File Size 43.94 GB

The MMORPG is one of Bethesda''s lowest-rated releases ever on Metacritic, but it does not disappoint both critic and user scores. Fallout 76 has continued to shiver along since its 2018 release, with a few updates and upgrades along the way.

Fallout 76 will be a must-see event in 2022, especially for big-ticket fans of the Bethesda franchise. Obviously, the MMORPG still has its share of concerns, but there is also room to enjoy here, such as a battle royale mode. Also, the Wastelanders DLC is pretty good, and for all the critics the game has received, Fallout 76 is still fairly updated.

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 25-100 Hours
Genre First-Person Shooter
Developer Overkill Software
File Size 10.56 GB

Payday 2 has been released on the PS4 version, but the PC version has been updated. Many of the games are preferable to play with other people rather than take on heists solo.

Payday 3 is on the way, so its predecessor''s sun will likely set sooner rather than later. It''s possible to do exactly that right now for those who have yet to experience the thrill and pleasure of engaging in a group of masked friends.


Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Platform Fighter
Developer Angry Mob Games
File Size 3.06 GB

The market is spooked when it comes to platform fighters, at least on Nintendo''s consoles. Over the years, quite a few developers have tried to capture Smash magic and transfer them to other systems, mostly without expectations, but sometimes a title comes around that makes a good account for itself. For the most part, Brawlout is in the latter category.

Brawlout, an above-average fighter with a broad spectrum of characters from indie games like Yooka-Laylee, Dead Cells, and Hyper Light Drifter, is strong on the Smash formula, although it has a heavier emphasis on all-out offense at the cost of defense. Even if the game''s playerbase will not reach any high levels in 2022, Brawlout is a fan of the Smash spirit.

For Honor

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 7-20 Hours
Genre Hack and Slash
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
File Size 31.74 GB

For Honor has demonstrated its permanence, but it isn''t difficult to see why: who hasn''t dreamed of defending Knights against Samurai, Vikings, and the Wu Lin? This is what gaming is intended for. Melee combat is the game''s name, and For Honor offers a meaty and punishing combat that rewards commitment.

Newcomers should begin off with a single-player program so they can get used to For Honor''s movement and heavy combat. It is time to jump into the multiplayer and its various modes.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 20-50 Hours
Genre First-Person Combat
Developer Fatshark
File Size 35.33 GB

The gaming industry does not lack in Warhammer titles or Left 4 Dead-style games, and the Vermintide 2 type of combines the two. After picking their preferred characters, four players take on wave after wave of Skaven, and bucket loads of blood will be shed along the way. While the game does not support local co-op, Vermintide 2 is designed to have multiplayer in mind since so much of the work is from players coordinating together to dismember their rat-men enemies as efficiently as possible.

Due to the character selection and the careers the heroes can follow, Vermintide 2 offers a lot of variety in terms of gameplay. Consequently, there should be a character that suits most individuals'' preferred playstyles. Despite the fact that the combat may become repetitive after a while, the core mechanics are sufficiently engaging to keep things interesting.

Project Cars 2

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 25-300 Hours
Genre Sim Racing
Developer Slightly Mad Studios
File Size 39.30 GB

Although Project Cars 3 was launched in 2020, it is still receiving a lot of love. Since its first public offering in 2017, Project Cars 2 has developed a dedicated fanbase that reflects its diverse race types, cars, and stunning visuals.

The game includes a range of accessible online modes that allow players to tailor each session to their liking. Project Cars 2 isn''t the easiest racer out there, so people who are poorly prepared should expect to struggle if they dive in without some experience.

Overcooked! 2

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 6-20 Hours
Genre Party
Developer Ghost Town Games
File Size 2.79 GB

Overcooked! 2 is a party game designed to encourage players to wear on a chef''s hat and keep the food flowing. It''s time to get a bunch of enjoyment and humor into it.

Overcooked! 2 is a great appetizer for parties or short sessions when someone wants to kill a few minutes. Although this may just be PS Now, please avoid having to trick them through the cute visuals. However, Overcooked! 2 can be quite a troubleshooter when the orders refuse to slow down, and not every chef is lifting their weight.


Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 15-25 Hours
Genre Racing
Developer Bugbear Entertainment
File Size 22.08 GB

Wreckfest is such a thrill, especially for those who want to have a new FlatOut or Destruction Derby game. Along with traditional racing, Wreckfest has modes that assist drivers in staying in one piece, something that is easier said than done when two dozen cars flies directly towards the player.

Wreckfest comes with a powerful single-player strategy that accomplishes a lot more than just developing people accustomed to the game''s style of play. While a local cooperative isn''t available, Wreckfest does support online play, so players may look forward to dissipating drivers from all over the world.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 100+ Hours
Developer ZeniMax Online Studios
File Size 39.40 GB

Looking for a massive PS PS release now? The Elder Scrolls Online is the ultimate game on Sony. Tamriel Unlimited offers a slew of hours of gameplay, set in a world rich with lore, personality, and quests.

ESO started off on a relatively poor start, but it has improved dramatically since its debut. Today, the MMORPG has become a symbol of consistency and excellence, and PS now offers a chance to join ESO.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown

Platform PS4
Approximate Game Length 30+ Hours
Genre Fighting
Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, Sega AM2
File Size 12.35 GB

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown remasters Sega''s classic arcade fighting game that was released in 2006. Even as Sega''s series remained out most of the 2010s, Virtua Fighter retained its charm, and Ultimate Showdown highlights the combat system''s timelessness.

Virtua Fighter 5 is as smooth and satisfying as the original PlayStation 3 title, while Ultimate Showdown adds new features to online play, offering a slew of options and exceptional performance. Now, the challenge is finding someone to compete against.