Elden Ring Clip Features a Player Jumping and Glitching to Kill AFK Rune Farmer

Elden Ring Clip Features a Player Jumping and Glitching to Kill AFK Rune Farmer ...

After the long anticipated pre-release period, Elden Ring is expected to fall as one of the greatest games of 2022. Despite its fantastic launch, Elden Ring has been a great success among gamers and newcomers to the genre.

Elden Ring''s full-featured multiplayer features include: challenging bosses like Crucible Knight Ordovis and a large-scale storyline that changes based on player actions. Along with these features, Elden Ring possesses a wide range of features. FromSoftware''s unique multiplayer features that allow players to combine or fight together in equal measure.

While the multiplayer components have generally been a source of enjoyment, competition, and community, a darker side exists within them. An Elden Ring player apologized for a hacker''s behavior, highlighting the difficulties with hacking and multiplayer in the game. A third issue is the AFK rune farmers that use the multiplayer to get free runes and items by hiding in unreachable places. Despite this, a player recently emigrated to one of these rune farmers using extreme skill, skill, and determination

Rainb0wspirit, a Reddit user, recorded a video of their efforts to eliminate an AFK rune farmer, using the same weapon swapping glitch as the Elden Ring glitch used to reach another farmer. After landing them, rainb0wspirit quickly moved their way across the sides and tops of buildings and reaching the rune farmer who was hiding in a remote bridge. After reaching them, rainb0wspirit quickly managed to overcome the struggle.

Some Reddit users expressed their delight at rainb0wspirit''s amazing acrobatics. One user said the game was now a popular puzzle platformer; when a hostile invader was summoned, they demonstrated the host exactly where the invader was, and the invader dispatched them.

While the AFK rune farming problems have certainly caused concern to the internet world and the community, the community has so far proved to be much stronger than the issue. With some users going as far as to go AFK in Elden Ring rune farming worlds to mitigate the runes gained, it is probable that the AFK rune farming will be eradicated by the sheer desire of the game''s community.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.