The Last Of Us Set Photos Show a Sniper Sequence And a Firefly Hospital

The Last Of Us Set Photos Show a Sniper Sequence And a Firefly Hospital ...

New set photos from HBO''s The Last of Us show the Firefly hospital, as well as what appears to be a sniper sequence with Henry and Sam.

So far, we''ve only had one official image from HBO''s The Last of Us, but we have finally discovered a whole lot behind-the-scenes footage that gives us a better sense of what to expect when the show premieres. So far we''ve seen scenes that replicate the hunter ambush near the middle of the game, pictures of Sam and Henry running with Joel and Ellie, and what looks to be an abandoned shopping mall.

We''re getting to see scenes both before and near the end of the game. The first new set photos from Calgary show an abandoned area with destroyed cars and dilapidated houses. The tall building at the end of the street and the numerous cars dotted around the area make it pretty clear that this set is recreated the scene in the game where Joel must take down a sniper and then defend Ellie, Sam, and Henry from an attack.

Next up, we have set pictures that seem to show the Firefly hospital from the beginning of the game. There''s not much to dissect here as it''s basically a run-down hospital, but both set shots are incredible and instantly add to the story behind it.

Although it might be difficult to suppose that The Last of Us is nearing the end of its production because the game is now on the final level, that''s not really a safe bet at all. Not only do we know for sure that the hospital is the same from the final level, but we also know if the scenes are chronologically.

Combine that with all of the post-production work, and it''s safe to say that we will still not see anything from the series in a certain time, although it''s an easier pill to swallow now that it''s been confirmed to debut in 2023 and not this year.