Every Voidborn Champion in League of Legends, Ranked

Every Voidborn Champion in League of Legends, Ranked ...

The Void is an unending abyss of darkness incarnate in League of Legends. The horrific entities of that realm strive to destroy all life and light, thus the darkness they knew can reign supreme once more. It comes into existence in a separate but overlapping dimension, and the nature of those creatures of that realm of darkness is enigmatic to most.

The Watchers, the most powerful Void creatures, writhed into Runeterra through rocky walls, revealing they had no corporeal form until they returned to the physical plane. This was because they inserted their essence into organic matter to create conscious structures, the Voidborn, which could be expanded as individuals. Through them, the Voidborn champions of League of Legends have a range of interesting and deadly abilities, yet some are more effective than others.

5 KogMaw, The Mouth Of The Abyss

KogMaw might be the least harmful of the bunch on Runeterra, although a squishy ADC (Attack-Damage Carry) is capable of melting things all in its path with Caustic Spittle or slow a prime target with Void Ooze to be consumed. This champion''s real power manifests with the help of an enchanter support like Lulu, becoming a sort of Living Artillery capable of unleashing a devastating Bio

Kog''Maw becomes an Icathian Surprise, entering a zombie-like state, and detonating after a brief delay to deal extensive damage in a limited radius. However, this champion''s difficult early-game makes it difficult to take full advantage of these abilities, as long as a lot of gold and time must be funneled into them. It''s unknown what the consequences of their paths colliding.

4 VelKoz, The Eye Of The Void

VelKoz, who was built in the image of their creators, has remained in the runeterra for years, allowing for to understand by unmaking. In Shuriman, their name is well-suited as they gain knowledge through various forms of Organic Deconstruction. Ob it be through Plasma Fission, Tectonic Disruption, or, most devastating, their optical Life Form Disintegration Ray, nothing is safe before the eyes of Vel''Koz.

Vel''Koz is a powerful artillery mage capable of dealing burst and true damage once a subject is fully researched. They also suffer from the downfalls of being a glass cannon, though, and can be dispatched with some skillful maneuvering and counter burst in the mid lane. Lorewise, Vel''Koz might theoretically usher in Runeterra, capable of opening a Void Rift and relaying the compilation of information they have compiled

3 KhaZix, The Voidreaver

Khazix arrived in Runeterra as a villainous but dangerous person. They devoured the most dangerous animals, gaining the Void Assault''s ability to thrive swiftly and easily. With arrogant abandon they would leap after their prey and use their Void Spikes to impale them. They could easily discern their fear at the conclusion of the hunt. But when this Voidborn prowls the jungle, it''s best to stay together.

Although KhaZix was preparing for a kill, the two ended the night without hesitation, ignoring Rengar''s threat of death from exhaustion. For now, KhaZix is taken out of prison because to the fact that they are also squishy and trying to burst down tankier opponents.

2 RekSai, The Void Burrower

RekSai, the Queen of the Xer''Sai, inhabited the sands of Shurima even before Azir became emperor and ascended to the status of a god-warrior. When the Empire was built in its prime, the Queen''s Wrath and Fury of the Xer''Sai was used as a shield for entire areas of the Shuriman empire. She can prepare deadly attacks from creative angles and score some nice knock-up

She has made a valley of rock and bone near Sai Kahleek''s feeding ground after mauling her prey with a Furious Bite. She has tried to reclaim the Void''s matrix, which she has been working on for almost a year, destroying the sands of the Sai Kahleek. Only one Voidborn champion is more powerful than the Queen of the Xer''s Sai.

1 ChoGath, The Terror Of The Void

The Voidborn will Feast on anything before them, their Feral Scream being able to strike fear into even the most horrified soldier. In this depressing hunger, this champion might theoretically increase to sizes large enough to consume entire worlds.

ChoGath can even stomp, almost perforating flesh with Vorpal Spikes. Moreover, ChoGath has sapience, a quality that, when combined with brute strength, proves to be quite lethal. They can grow to sizes larger than turrets, with enormous health and the difficulties experienced by items. Cho''''Gath is a star star in the frontline, with a stomp, crowd control, and peel to ensure their team succeeds

The Void was a huge threat to Runeterra in the distant past and is still looming horribly close for the opening to destroy it. Its Voidborn beliefs are observing and waiting for the appropriate time to flee all life from existence. In-game, Cho''Gath is perhaps the most devastating of all.