Andrew Garfield Offers a Faith Rare on TV on 'Under the Banner of Heaven.'

Andrew Garfield Offers a Faith Rare on TV on 'Under the Banner of Heaven.' ...

The new FX detective series, based on a real case, was a show that received a lot of skepticism about it. It also uncovered hundreds of years of history that are then discussed with the present. Instead, it cant and smartly does not try.

When Pyre becomes trapped in the tragedy, he takes on the stage and performs a more direct role in his own crime. It is a cliche to say, but this case is personal as he must maintain positive relationships with his faith community while also making sure that it is true. In the event of the crime, Pyre was an innovative writer who was able to make sure that the story was completed fully.

As we see him grapple with the hardships he discover that are closely related to the church he is a part of, this impact has become much more distressing. In the most recent episode, titled Church and State, we have reached the halfway point and are beginning to notice the impact it is taking on him. As the actor of the state is facing a huge pressure to confront the church, but it is difficult to see how it works, therefore it isn''t a difficult journey to make progress.

This is important to highlight as Gil Birmingham''s non-religious and skeptical Bill Taba is a great partner to Pyre. Sure, there is the foundation of the historical context that led to the horrific events, but it is Garfield''s Pyre who gives this all form and form. It is one thing to discover how terrible the crime was and what led to it; it is another thing to look at the way that each new piece of information takes hold of a person''s life, leaving them into unreliable territory.

When he finishes drawing the connection between the violence that took place and the more extreme elements of his faith in a press conference, we know this is not something that he does lightly. It''s true that if he hadn''t believed in the religion at all, this would be much easier of a decision to make. It''s a powerful development of his character and the key themes of the story in the same breath. Those moments might not have the same impact.

In many ways, the inclusion of a character like this feels like an olive branch that the show is offering to the Mormon community. This is perhaps futile as many people in the church leadership have condemned Krakauer''s book, and there has been some similar pushback to the series. However, what Garfields character does is demonstrate that there are many individuals within a large faith and that he is still committed to doing his best to correct when the world goes so wrong. The fact that Pyre has been getting increasingly distressed about the situation

Upon seeing him slowly realizeing that his own moral code may no longer align with certain segments of his faith, this idea of more personal stakes alters the story in a way that fits the media of television, but also provides a more reflective viewing experience. This confrontation will reach a breaking point where he will have to decide whether or not to stay in the religion.

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