7 Games That Allow You to Play As An Alien

7 Games That Allow You to Play As An Alien ...

Aliens have no superior reputation in the gaming industry. Usually, when they appear in a game, it is usually a part of an invasion, and they have bad intentions. Take a look at the number of games where you must combat extraterrestrial beings. At least one of these titles is released every year.

However, aliens aren''t required to be seen as antagonists. It''s not like that something is from another planet, you have to destroy it. Even some developers have demonstrated this by making their aliens the playable heroes. Others have made the extraterrestrials playable, but not exactly heroes. These are among the most notable examples of protagonists from other planets.

7 Outer Wilds

In Outer Wilds, you play as an alien astronaut who is planning to enter outer space. However, there is no fear as the sun becomes supernova. However, once time is restored. This is a fantastic time-loop game, in which you must identify why the solar system is in the loop.

It''s no surprise that your character is actually seen from a first-person perspective. However, you know they''re a Hearthian, which means they have four eyes, long ears, and blue skin. Besides, the creature is also gender-less as the Hearthians do not have gender.

6 Destroy All Humans!Series

This game, though, involves messing with and killing humans. As an alien named Cryptosporidium (aka Crypto), you do so as a large round head with big eyes and a small neck. His species is a highly advanced race called Furons.

Throughout the series, he has various reasons for why he''s dismantling the human race. One, he hates them - at least initially - plus he loves destruction. Apart from that, in the early games, he wants to harvest human brains as they contain some Furon DNA that can help his race''s survival.

5 Aliens Versus Predator (1999)

A lot of games have been created based on the Aliens Vs. Predator crossover films, but not all of them allow you to play as both titular species. However, the 1999 title from Rebellion Developments allows you to control aliens, predators, and humans. The game also allows for individual campaigns.

Naturally, in the alien one, you get to control the iconic Xenomorph, one of the most famous aliens in all media. Even if they aren''t called that in the AvP films, you can crawl all over the walls and ceilings. Technically, Predators are also aliens, as opposed to the only playable extraterrestrial in the game. Both kinds of aliens are fun to control.

4 Oddworld Series

Abe, a member of the Mudokon class, plays for most Oddworld games. He''s an interesting look as he has blue skin, large bulging eyes, and a ponytail. Not only does the character have tape across his lips, meaning he cannot open his mouth fully.

He has smaller problems than tape throughout the series. His people are living under the shoe of the Glukkon species. These narcissists are adept at attempting to enlist the Mudokon people as their slaves. The games are designed to revolve around Abe fighting back against the evil regime with his platforming skills.

3 Alien Hominid

In this run-and-gun game, you play as a short, yellow, circle-headed alien with a blaster. At the start of the game, he''s been shot out of space by the FBI, and he''s landing on Earth. But you can''t really say that he intentionally invaded the planet.

A whole set of agents fight the creature once he recovers from the damage. It''s probable that they are not the most capable agents of all time time, as each one comes down from a single shot of your basic blaster. The goal is to avoid their endless ambushes and reach the end of each level.

2 Halo 2

While Master Chief is the main protagonist of the Halo series, the human isn''t the only playable character. In the second game, you play some levels as the Arbiter, who is technically known as the Sangheili, but in the games, they''re often described as Elites.

During Halo 2, the character arguably has a more interesting narrative than the Chief. At the beginning of the story, the Covenant punishes the character because to his previous shortcomings. Along with taking away his title and rank, they make him the new Arbiter, which is a potentially hazardous role. He then decides to prove himself.

1 Ratchet And Clank Series

Ratchet and Clank are a well-known and popular series. However, you may not know that Ratchet is an alien. He does not fit the specific visual makeup of a person, though he is not from Earth. Instead, he was born on a planet known as Fastoon as a member of the Lombax race.

During the games, he teams up with his robotic buddy Clank as the two continue to save the day. They defeat all kinds of superpowered or superintelligent beings, including one of the best scientists in gaming, Dr. Nefarious. Rachet''s excellent mechanical and combat skills are among the main reasons the pair is so successful. You must utilize platforming and third-person shooting abilities to complete the job.