MCU enthusiasts are rushing to defend the most hated movies in the franchises

MCU enthusiasts are rushing to defend the most hated movies in the franchises ...

What is the Marvel Cinematic Universe''s worst film? It''s entirely dependent on your personal preference, especially when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has given viewers 28 installments to choose from.

If the aggregation site was based on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and CinemaScore ratings, then Eternals came bottom of the pile. However, if the only person in the discussion was judging by the user rating, then Captain Marvel. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk are all mentioned, as does Tony Stark''s third and final solo appearance.

Despite the fact that a tweet with two of the above titles has gone massively viral, sparking a huge debate among MCU fans on Twitter, with Spider-Man: Far From Home being ranked among the spiest of the long-running superhero genres.

They may have some flaws, but these are the most popular MCU films.

I''m tumbling hands for anyone who loves Iron Man 3

Although far from home and iron man 3 aren''t even bad movies, y''all are only haters

Iron Man 3 crushes on the other two. It''s a disgrace to place it next to The Incredible Hulk and Far From Home.

Iron man 3 does absolutely not deserve any trash talk

i wish that the recent mcu movies were as good as iron man 3

Iron Man 3 and Spider-Man Far From Home received a billion at the box office, along with a positive reaction from critics and movie goers.

If you have a sweet dad, Iron Man 3 is the GOAT.

Iron man 3 is one of the best marvel films ever made, and i will fight every single individual being who disagrees with me.

It''s interesting that Eternals doesn''t even include into the first post defending the MCU''s overhated entries, when three key approaches of analysis critical and crowd opinion have determined the intergalactic epic to be the nadir.

Then again, Marvel Studios took about a decade to reconcile the fact that The Incredible Hulk was established, and William Hurts returned in Captain America for the first time in eight years: Anyone who knew the canonical one-and-done blockbuster was recognized by Mark Ruffalos Bruce Banner.

It''s also a constant-evolving debate, with the results of which were most likely never getting a definitive answer.