The dangerous Doctor Strange 2 meme wraps the film halfway through

The dangerous Doctor Strange 2 meme wraps the film halfway through ...

When Elizabeth Olsens'' vengeance-driven Wanda Maximoff came up against the Illuminati, one scene in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness provoked more mixed reactions than any other.

Patrick Stewarts Professor X, John Krasinskis Reed Richards, Lashana Lynchs Captain Marvel, Anson Mounts Black Bolt, Hayley Atwells Peggy Carter, and Chiwitel Ejiofors Mordo look like they''d join together with Benedict Cumberbatch''s hero to battle the Scarlet Witch in the marketing.

The all-powerful villain did nothing to destroy them, but the first kill was arguably the finest. How do you halt somebody who has the power to transform their enemies into dust with one word? Well, you get rid of their mouth and turn their brain into mush from the inside out.

A gruesome event, but a powerful Multiverse of Madness meme has imagined an alternate scenario, one that would have halted the film at the midway point.

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Ever since the Doctor Strange sequel landed in theaters, Mounts Blackagar Boltagon has had a lot of fun, making the star of what most individuals will believe is the worst Marvel-branded project to emerge during the MCU era.

Although Kevin Feige always listens to the fans when it suits, he may well get to see the leader of the Inhumans return again, this time without seeing a brain problem coming out of his ears.