Fans are wondering why the controversial Moon Knight fight scene was shut

Fans are wondering why the controversial Moon Knight fight scene was shut ...

At the conclusion of the first episode, Moon Knight sparked a whole lot of butt, but new footage suggests it could have done a lot more. Jamel Blissat, an Oscar Isaacs stunt double, recently posted a stunt previz showing a much expanded version of the fight between Moon Knight and the supernatural jackal.

Jamel Blissat''s post (@jamel_le_fleau) has been shared.

The choreography depicts the hero smashing the supernatural beast into the bathroom fittings and completely clobbering him. This is a huge departure from what we achieved. In the finished episode, we merely get to hear this fight, followed by brief aftermath as Moon Knight defeats the jackals face into the tiles.

Many viewers have been confused about why theyd cut the video. Some argue that Marvel might even be harassing us for shady activity:

Marvel is treading the shady way to ensure they don''t have a fun fight scene.

Others prefer to recoup this with The Falcon and the Winter Soldiers'' action:

It''s wild that this show was given a solid action sequence. Falcon and the Winter Soldier demonstrated that these shows can have great action, but here''s why it wasn''t a bigger priority.

Perhaps it was merely a question of the CGI budget:

The show''s CG is already unintentional, and the fight scene might have been awful no matter what choreography was.

There may be a possibility that Marvel should continue to teasing action rather than showing it to make sure viewers are engaged:

marvel have done this a couple times nowsacrificed excellent scenes for the episode stingers, they did it with kingpin in hawkeye, they did it moonknight, and it''s becoming painful.

Nevertheless, some argue that a knockdown battle sequence would have been enjoyable, but that the way the show performed really builds suspense and adds character:

yeah, as cooler as this is visually, the dramatic reveal of the suit is less noticeable in nature.

Others claim that the first summoning of the suit scene was excellent as-is:

I love how we ended up getting started so much more. From the jackal tormenting and chasing down Steven to being scared and scrambling for its life when Marc gets control and summons the suit was terrible.

And ideally, there were some fantastic fight scenes, especially in the end episode:

The wtf are scoffing that there were hella fight scenes that were both coherent and visually pleasing. Harrow and his men were fighting in the final fight, which they said were done. Would the bathroom scene have been more lit with these shots? Wouldn''t it have been better? BS?

Moon Knight will be returning for a second season, but it remains to be seen whether or not a late introduction of Jake Lockley and the loophole Khonshu found to keep Marc and Steven in service to him will result in a lot of loose ends to be tied up, so Marvel Studios has confirmed that more will come soon.

Moon Knight is now available on Disney Plus.