A Final Fantasy fan has shown off an impressive FF6 Statue of the Gods tattoo

A Final Fantasy fan has shown off an impressive FF6 Statue of the Gods tattoo ...

Final Fantasy 6 is one of the game''s most powerful bosses, with a certain manager that enthusiasts will recall having to fight in order to reach the RPG''s conclusion. Final Fantasy 6 has maintained its reputation until today, and it is now considered one of the game''s most successful RPGs.

Players must face Kefka as the final boss of Final Fantasy 6 after defeating the Statue of the Gods, according to one fan who determined to immortalize the enemy on their body.

The entire tattoo on Ayce61''s shoulders has the same clarity as the official Final Fantasy 6 artwork for the Statue of the Gods. The tattoo on the upper shoulder includes the parting clouds seen in the enemy''s sprite.

Ayce61''s tattoo is getting a lot of attention. Many are claiming it is an amazing technique for an arm sleeve. One commenter said he never wanted a tattoo before, but now wants another one similar to Ayce61''s. It is an amazing art, which perfectly captures the beauty and charm that the Statue of the Gods has shown in the sixth Final Fantasy entry.

Celeste is beautifully colored and sits on the crescent moon chair that players can use to create certain items. Celeste is surrounded by hearts, stars, and the star fragments that are used in the tattoo, which helps to bring everything together into one cohesive piece. A Redditor going by the handle bunhoneys added an image of their tattoo. A Redditor, who is going by the handle, has uploaded a photo of their tattoo showing Celeste on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is now available on mobile and PC.