A secret Easter Egg from Moon Knight might imply the future of Khonshus University

A secret Easter Egg from Moon Knight might imply the future of Khonshus University ...

Khonshu, an ancient Egyptian goddess, was one of the best things about Moon Knight''s bird-headed visual design, but the hallucinatory manner the show used him in early episodes was frightening, and F. Murray Abrahams'' vocal performance was perfectly pitched.

After defeating rival god Ammit, Khonshu appeared to withdraw Marc and Steven from their servitude. Then came the credits scene, which revealed that a third person, Jake Lockley, is still aboard the Egyptian gods murderous justice train. Somewhere along the way Khonshu also got that drip, scoring a gentle.

What''s next for him? A little clue might have come in the context of the season one finale. Khonshu lives in Cairo first seen by @StreamrNews!

SPOILERS FOR #MOONKNIGHT EPISODE 6|||||The text in the finale of #MoonKnight translates to ''#Khonshu lives'' or ''Khonshu is alive''! Thanks to @ahmedhathoutt for translating! pic.twitter.com/1bS3ZD5Cx8

This is a possibility that the Knights of Khonshu, seen in comic books, are also active in the Marvel Comics community. In this video, this cult worshipped Khonshu and saw Marc Spector as unworthy of being his avatar. If Khonshu were already active in Cairo (as indicated by this graffiti), then it must be seen in Godzilla-sized form and beating a giant alligator lady into the Great Pyramid.

After all, costly automobiles and tailored suits cost money by the time the credits scene rolls in.

In Moon Knight comics, the cult has appeared many times, each time clashing with Marc as they misunderstood Khonshus'' philosophy and commit atrocities in his name. Although, Marc and Steven may play out in the MCU, and this scenario might result in a fun situation where he and the group are both collaborating on Jake Lockley.

Khonshus'' close public appearance in Egypt may also alter his ego, thereby imposing him to extend his mission of deadly justice far beyond what Marc, Steven, and Jake can achieve as his avatar.

The only issue in the ointment is that there is no confirmation that Moon Knight will return at any rate, though F. Murray Abraham is clear that the Khonshus story is far from over.

Moon Knight is now available on Disney Plus.