A Horizon Forbidden West clip shows a player wreaking havoc on the firegleam

A Horizon Forbidden West clip shows a player wreaking havoc on the firegleam ...

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn in 2022 and, as can be expected from a follow-up game, Horizon Forbidden West has a lot of new components and ideas implemented in the gameplay. Along with additional larger and more noticeable changes, there are also environmental barriers to overcome in the new game setting.

Firegleam in Horizon Forbidden West is often seen as a red crystal or fungus as it becomes a barrier for opponents to pass through.

In a recent video shared with Reddit, one Horizon Forbidden West fan demonstrated the environmental significance of Firegleam. Outnumbered by rebels and on very difficult difficulty, the player appears to be in quite the pinch until they notice a firegleam on the wall behind them. The player, not only destroys the crystal and fungus, but also manages to take out their enemies in the following explosion.

A few viewers in the comments made a note that Rost, Aloy''s mentor in Horizon Zero Dawn, would be a proud of her for following his teachings. Another side of the cool moment was as it emerged that the rebels patiently waited to attack Aloy while she ignited the Firegleam. While it would be tough for the player to be attacked during a lengthy animation, it does void the immersion for those who pause under specific circumstances.

Outside of the game itself, Horizon Forbidden West fans have been showing off their appreciation for the game. One player created a custom shelf to place their collector''s edition statue on, while another decided to make their own figure, putting a Horizon Forbidden West watcher machine with a 3D printer.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.